Awesome Links #8: Personal Productivity Tools, iPad Apps and More

Are Multiple Twitter Accounts Good or Bad?
This post draws on a variety of sources and weighs the pros and cons of having multiple Twitter accounts, particularly for business purposes.

100 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic
Quite possibly the most comprehensive list of website-boosting strategies we’ve ever seen, ranging from the obvious (“network, network, network”) to the off-beat (“fake a hacker attack”).

The best goal is no goal
The author discusses how not having goals can actually be liberating.

7 iPad Apps That Help You Budget and Improve Your Lifestyle
Sure, you want to kick butt at work, but these apps will help improve your lifestyle and stick to a budget so your hard-earned dollars will go further.

The 10 People You Need in Your Professional Network
Mentors are great, but you’ll need more than that achieve professional success. This Forbes article explores other people (including the mentor) you should have in your network.

6 Personal Productivity Tools Guaranteed to Up Your Game
From our sister site, FreelanceSwitch, comes this collection of web tools designed to help you be more productive. Freelancer or office worker, we think you’ll find this useful.

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