Looking Back and Looking Forward

Looking Back and Looking Forward

The weekend is a time to take care of yourself – whether it be catching up on household projects, spending time with family and friends or taking the time to rest and simply enjoy the fruits of your labor.

It is also a time to reflect on the week gone by and prepare for the week ahead.

Since you were a child you have (likely) known that you should look both ways before crossing the street.. You should treat your planning in a similar manner. Look both ways before going ahead. Know where you have been and where youre headed – or like to be headed.

Looking back on your past successes and shortcomings will work for you going forward. The weekend is the perfect opportunity to take the time to do that.

Failing to do so may not be as destructive as what could happen if you cross a street without looking…but it can definitely make for a less productive week.

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