Working for the Weekend?

Not that silly of a question,  really.

Even if you put in a 9 to 5 work week, it’s entriely possible that it doesn’t end there.  Some people work straight through the week.  Some take other days off during the week because they can simply get more done on the weekend.  Others have part-time passions that they pursue on what would normally be considered “days off” – myself included.

So do you work over the weekend?  Do you put in a full day when you do?  Leave a comment to let us know!

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  1. Greg McAusland on the 28th May

    being an insomniac rarely has advatages, and often screws the weekend!

    I try to work sundays mostly, at least till 4pm.. makes the monday blues easier to avoid 😉

  2. Peter on the 28th May

    I have to agree, the only time I get any decent amount of work done is when the phone doesn’t ring and my inbox doesn’t get filled up.

  3. Sergei Tatarinov on the 28th May

    Well, it’s 3:41 a.m. at my place right now, and I’m…. working, right! 🙂 So basically my Friday hasn’t finished yet and Saturday hasn’t begun either. The most terrifying thing is that I’m not sure whether I would get rest until Saturday’s evening or not. (Let me start my sentence with “but”) BUT, I love what I’m doing and that’s what makes me feel strong and keep working 🙂

    PS: I’m a graphic designer (+ motion graphics designer, web designer)

    Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

  4. RJ on the 28th May

    I have a full-time job and after my 9-5 I move onto my freelance work, which can be non-existent or enough to be another full time job. I work when I have time, which means nights and weekends.

  5. Eric Fritzen on the 28th May

    I like to work on the weekend, but only for a few hours each day. I save the “fun work” (like reading books and blogs) for Saturdays and Sundays. I think the most important aspect of working on the weekend is not feeling like you HAVE to but WANT to.

  6. danijanev on the 28th May

    I have this schedule almost a year now, and it works great for me. Every month one weekend is always off, completely no work at all, others I work at least 6 hrs.

  7. Dominik Levytskyi on the 28th May

    No, I try never to work at the weekends. I try to do all work in the workdays, if i`ts too much work here, I work in overtime. But in the weekends i try to go away from the computer, relax, lie in the sun, or something in that case.

  8. Ali on the 29th May

    I just finished 4 hours of work editing a paper and it’s Saturday. Editing is my side job so I can’t work on papers during my 9-5 job. Working weekends doesn’t happen often, but editing is my passion so I am willing to put in the hours when I have to just to keep the dream alive. 8)

  9. Tatu on the 29th May

    “They” say that the most creative ones can’t really separate working hours from freetime. True, I think (hope). So, when you think you’re not working, but still thinking about the on going project, you’re actually doing the most valuable work.

    Oh, and another thing… don’t you love when someone tells you after hearing that you are an enterpreneur or a freelancer that “wow, you can have all the freetime when you want!”? What they don’t realize is that there is nothing else but working hours.

    Want to work without phone ringing all the time? try to go to work at 6am – 2-3 hours of silence. Nice.

  10. William D - aka FuzzyFox on the 29th May

    I’m at college and, essentially have 3 jobs.
    Number one is of course college work itself.
    Second is my part-time job at the local hardware store.
    Third, finally, but by no means least is the work I do for Mozilla over my weekend. The work is great and always takes up my entire Sunday, and most of Saturday… job number two takes the rest.

  11. Mário Andrade on the 30th May

    9 to 5 jobs.. I wish that was possible.
    My normal weekday starts at 9:30 am, pauses at 1pm, starts again at 2pm and goes until 7pm or 8pm.

    During the weekend I work mainly on my blogs and sometimes some freelance work but I can’t work a full day during the weekend. I’ll probably work 5 to 6 hours on a weekend

  12. Coquette & Dove on the 30th May

    I’m self-employed, what is this “weekend” you speak of?

  13. Brian Landi on the 30th May

    I have a 9-5 job. I would say that I am doing anywhere from 2-4 hours of additional freelance work 4 evenings out of the work week. Then I usually do anywhere between 5 and 15 hours of work on the weekends.

  14. Gerry on the 21st June

    I work 8-5 on weekdays as a web designer for a university and I am also a photographer who would normal shoot after work on on weekends. I enjoy what I do. I just need to learn to say no sometimes and take a break for myself.

  15. Mayur on the 7th July

    Hey hi,
    If their is any sort of work which can be done in weekends .. Do let me know and how much hours of dedicated time is required do let me know …..

  16. SC on the 15th July

    Just so happen to stumble across this. I work only 3 days a week, fri, sat and sun. 13 hours each, 7am to 8pm and they give us that last hour to make 40. There is no way I could ever go back to the 9 to 5 mon – fri working shift. But I do understand all jobs are not 24/7, I work in IT so we’re able to get pretty much any scheldule you want.
    Nothing in this world is free, but never will I be a slave to the corporate world working a 9 to 5….

  17. Penny Auctions on the 30th July

    I have a 9-5 job too. I would say that I am doing anywhere from 2-4 hours of additional freelance work 4 evenings out of the work week. Then I usually do anywhere between 5 and 15 hours of work on the weekends.

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