5 Useful Multi-Monitor Setup Tools

It seems that a lot of you love working on more than one monitor. At least that’s what the comments on my dual monitor setup post imply. I was in fact surprised to find that many are using a 3 monitor setup!

So the following are five tools that can greatly enhance your multi-monitor setup.

1. UltraMon

UltraMon is a must-have tool for Windows users on a multi-monitor setup. It adds a ton of functions (smart taskbar, quick window movements etc) that make managing the monitors a cakewalk.

2. MultiMon TaskBar

MultiMon TaskBar (Windows only) adds a taskbar to the second monitor which isn’t there by default when you are extending your primary monitor onto a new one.

3. Dual Monitor Tools

Dual Monitor Tools (again, Windows only) is a free and open-source multi-monitor management software that lets you play with wallpapers, move windows and do much more.

4. Synergy

Synergy is for those who not only use more than one monitor but, also, more than one operating system on those monitors. It lets you easily share the same keyboard and mouse across different platforms.

5. Keyboard Trick

This isn’t a tool but a trick Windows 7 users would find useful. If you are using a dual monitor setup with Windows 7, Win+Shift+Left/Right arrow key can quickly move the active window between monitors.

If you’ve been tempted and just getting started with more than one monitor, check out this multi-monitor setup guide. And if you’ve been using them forever, do suggest some tricks and tools in the comments (especially for Mac and Linux).

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  1. Toby James Creative on the 17th August

    Good to see a list like this, but let’s have some multi-monitor Mac app suggestions please!

  2. Jacek on the 17th August

    No tools for Mac???

  3. Sandro Salsi on the 17th August

    Thanks, I like “Dual Monitor Tools” because it’s open source and can be easily modified to suit anyone’s needs 🙂

  4. Gnuboss on the 17th August

    Nice list.

    I have to agree 100% with Ultramon being a seriously kick-butt tool for managing multiple displays – it’s the first thing I install whenever I am fortunate enough to work on a multi-monitor setup. The way it allows the Windows task bar windows to be grouped separately on each screen is one of my favorite features.

  5. Pablo Valerio on the 17th August

    If you are using Windows and your desktop/laptop uses an ATI or nVidia graphics adapter Hydravision (ATI), or nView (nVidia) allows you to configure your desktop, save windows placement, hot-keys, transparency, etc.

    Actually both products were developed by the same people, former Appian Graphics engineers. Appian was acquired by ATI nearly 10 years ago and some people went to work for nVidia developing nView.


  6. ZatriX on the 17th August

    As duly noted, Ultramon kicks major butt! Had minor issues with screensavers, especially my fav system 47 (http://www.mewho.com/system47 – a must for a trekkie 😉 ) but otherwise top notch. Can’t really say much about the others, will look into them

  7. Tom Malone on the 17th August

    If you use Linux with multiple monitors and Gnome, then give Compiz a try.

    Compiz is an OpenGL compositing manager that adds a bunch of eye-catching effects to your Gnome (or KDE, I think) desktop.

    But aside from cool eye candy, Compiz provides some productivity-enhancing tools. I especially like the desktop cube and rotate cube plugins. In combination with virtual desktops on Linux, these plugins are incredibly useful if you find yourself frequently working with a lot of open windows.

    In my workflow, I typically distribute several windows onto the four desktops on the cube. Browsers (one per monitor) go on one cube face, email client and my terminal with an SSH connection on another, file browser on a third, and (most importantly perhaps), my IDE on the last one.

    Because the rotate cube plugin makes rapidly switching between the faces (desktops) on the cube very easy with either the mouse wheel or a quick key combination, I find that using these plugins greatly enhances my productivity.

  8. radj on the 18th August

    Synergy is the best! Lets me work seamlessly across Windows & Mac. And it has clipboard support, too! (although only text is supported, but still helpful for coders like me!)

  9. guru88 on the 1st December

    I prefer Actual Multiple Monitors (http://www.actualtools.com/multiplemonitors/). It is a most powerful utility among others and it works fine under Windows 7 (x64 too)

    The most important feature for me is an additional taskbar on my second monitor that has all features of main taskbar like Start button, toolbars, clock and tray area with notification icons. Even more, it has Pin to Taskbar, Jump List and Grouping feature of Windows 7 and also supported Aero features on secondary monitor.

  10. Raj on the 14th July

    another new software for managing multiple monitors http://www.murgee.com/MurGeeMon/

  11. Sumo on the 12th November

    Checkout MultiWall if you have a multi-screen setup and want something better for wallpaper.

  12. Simon on the 22nd January

    Here my review “4 Best Applications for Multiple Monitors” – http://nineportals.com/firstonlineportal-blog/reviews/four-best-programs-for-multiple-monitors.html

  13. John on the 3rd February

    One app that I find useful for multi monitor setups is called Wormhole. It puts a “wormhole” on each desktop that lets you zap the mouse cursor between them. Faster than manually going back and forth between two 30″ displays all day.

    Here’s an article about it: http://tod.fm/introducing-wormhole-mouse-warping-for-mac-os-x/

  14. joe on the 31st March

    Was forced to use windows at work. This was a lifesaver. Thanks mate!

  15. Simon on the 10th May

    Buy Actual Multiple Monitors only for $18 up 13th of May 2012.

  16. Peter on the 7th April

    I am using this for a long time : http://www.zhornsoftware.co.uk/zbar/

    Try it and you will be amazed 🙂

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