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Would You Ever Go Postal at Your Workplace?

One of the most publicized incidents currently in the U.S. news is the case of the flight attendant, Steven Slater, who had a tirade at the end of his shift on board a JetBlue flight. This tirade came after an unruly passenger, at the end of the flight, decided to unload her baggage from the overhead compartment before the crew had given the OK for passengers to leave their seats. Slater asked the passenger to sit down but the passenger refused. At the same time, her luggage fell from the overhead compartment onto the head of Slater. Slater then requested an apology from the passenger who then cursed at him. Slater then used the plane’s public address system and declared, in rather colorful language, that he had enough after 28 years as a flight attendant and cursed the passenger who cursed at him. He then grabbed two beers and opened the rear exit and deployed the emergency exit slide and exited the plane via the slide. He was since arrested later at his home. Click Here to Read Article …

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