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How to Love Your Cubicle

How to love your cubicle

More often than not, things in life are based on your perspective. If you are a wealthy person and you get what you feel is a meagre year-end bonus at work, it may upset you. To another worker who may work on the manufacturing floor at minimum wage, that bonus might be considered life-changing.

If you are an executive in a company and get demoted from the corner office to an office cubicle, you might end up being depressed and unmotivated as a result. If you are unemployed, get hired, and are given a cubicle for your office space, you love your cubicle regardless of the size of your office and are happy that there’s a stable paycheck coming in. Click Here to Read Article …

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Health Savings Account: A Year in Review

Back in August of last year, I wrote an article here that asked if you should you switch to a Health Savings Account.This article was popular – and garnered some controversy. I think the controversy was due to the fact that there is still a large percentage of the population who are misinformed on what a High Deductible Health Plan with a Health Savings Account(HDHP/HSA) really entails.
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5 Signs That You May be in Your Last Job

If you have worked for a number of years at an array of different companies, you certainly can recognize when you have come upon a really good thing. When you are content in a job you can really focus on the work rather than office politics and various power plays within the company. Eventually, you will come across a job where you might say to yourself,  “I could really stay here until retirement.”
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5 Tips to Better Serve Your Internal Customer

If you are in a support role at your job, one of your main responsibilities is interacting with customers. In the Information Technology world, your customers tend to be internal customers or your coworkers. This may make the job easier or more difficult, depending on your perspective. It’s important that you approach your role as effectively as possible. Hopefully the following tips will yield positive results for you as well as your internal customer. Click Here to Read Article …

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Productive Kitchen Gadgets #4: Food Processor

For those of you out there who like fresh produce, there is one kitchen gadget that you should not be without. That gadget is the food processor. If you grow your own vegetables, and end up having a bumper crop, the last thing you want to do is waste any of that produce. So, what are your options? Bring them to work and supply your coworkers with an abundance of fruits and vegetables. Drop by your neighbors’ houses and give them your excess produce before they start to rot. There is something very giving about these options but don’t you really want to consume the produce that you spent the past summer cultivating and nurturing? Click Here to Read Article …

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Are You Maxing out Your Employee Benefits?

If you are employed, especially in these tough economic times, it behooves you to explore all of the employee benefits that your company has to offer. You definitely don’t want to leave anything on the table as far as work benefits are concerned. It always amazes me when coworkers neglect to do their research when it comes to their compensation package. I certainly understand that there are many workers out there who don’t get any benefits from their employers. But if you do, make it a point to stop by your Human Resources department and read up a little on your employment benefits. You just might be surprised at what you may potentially be “leaving on the table”. Click Here to Read Article …

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Productive Kitchen Gadgets #3: Immersion Hand Blender

Being productive in the kitchen is a priority in our household. The next productive kitchen gadget that I would like to feature is the immersion hand blender. How often have you had to quickly blend up something? I use this gadget for mixing up a quick smoothie or a protein shake. It is also great to puree solid food into a liquid mixture for a baby’s digestive system. It’s also handy when you want to whip up some heavy cream into whipped cream for your dessert. Click Here to Read Article …

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Being on the Wrong Side of Internet Policy at Work

For many years, at my company, employees were able to surf the internet at will. I was able to check my personal email online, listen to my favorite streaming sports talk show or, God forbid, check the lottery numbers from the night before. But, after being acquired by a large conglomerate, a few changes were initiated in my working and internet world. A strict internet policy was enforced. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook were prohibited. Quickly viewing my personal internet email was also forbidden. And my precious streaming radio was heartlessly taken away. My internet world at work was now a privilege of the past. Click Here to Read Article …

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