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5 Ways to Accomplish Goals While Multitasking

how to set goals

Goal setting in a multitasking environment is viciously difficult.

Ideally, you want to get the most out of your productive time with the least amount of effort.

Otherwise what is the point of multitasking?

The trouble is that it is very easy to lose time and concentration when your attention is pulled from one task to another.

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Smart Goals: Put Objectives in Writing for Better Goal Setting

It seems like a silly exercise at first.

Of course, you know that your goal is to be successful. However, what does success actually mean?  Most people don’t know how to set goals. Less than half of today’s corporate workers could answer that question with what their specific personal and professional goals are.  Try it for yourself. Write down five specific goals you wish to accomplish over the next month. Then write down five goals you wish to accomplish over the next year. What about what you plan to accomplish over the next five years? Do all your goals align with one another?
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