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Leadership 101

There are two basic types of leaders; those in a leadership position, and those who lead.  One is called a leader because their title or level of seniority (or authority) says so, while one has a calling to be a leader.

It’s important to be able to tell the difference between the two. Click Here to Read Article …

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So You Think You’re Ready For Management? Think Again.

So a great management position has just come your way and you’d love that new title — not to mention the salary bump. But, before you rush to submit your application think long and hard about whether you have not only the right skills, but also the right personality for the job — especially if the managerial position you’re interested in includes supervising others.

No matter how good that pay increase may sound or how impressive the title may be, understand that not everyone is cut out for management. Sure, you may have been with at the company for several years now and you may have mastered the skill set required for your current position. But that still doesn’t necessarily qualify you for management. Being an effective manager requires a set of interpersonal skills and personality traits that may not be required for your current position.

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