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Book Review – ME 2.0 – 4 Steps to Building Your Future – Revised Edition

A few months ago we wrote about Dan Schawbel, the hotshot personal branding expert who exemplifies what the power of the intertubes can do for your personal – or professional – reputation.

Since that interview, Schawbel has released the second iteration of his book, Me 2.0 – 4 Steps to Building Your Future. Keeping in line with his mantra of staying relevant in your own industry, Schawbel has updated the book to reflect new changes in social media, added new case studies, and included new techniques to help the readers utilize the tools available, so they can start networking effectively.

“Personal Branding is all about discovering what makes you special, and then communicating it to the right people, through multiple channels.” ~ Dan Schawbel

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Staying Focused with RescueTime

Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to stay on track when you have so many distractions around you.  Tweets popping up, emails coming in, and YouTube videos being shared can all catch your eye. Then before you know it you’re watching the complete first season of Mad Men on Netflix as your deadline whooshes by.

Have you ever wanted to just turn off the internet, so you could finish the project you’re working on? Wouldn’t a tool that would allow you to do so be just what you’re after?

Enter RescueTime.
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What is The Domino Project?

If you don’t know much about Seth Godin but you’re interested in learning more about his revolutionary ideas, you should sign up to the newsletter from The Domino Project. Named after the domino effect – one little push sets a chain reaction in motion – this project is quickly becoming known as a brilliant concept in the publishing world. Low cost, high value ideas quickly shared with the influencers in any particular field.
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Idea Generation

Ever experienced this? You’re sitting in front of your chosen medium – a blank page waiting to be filled with wit, a blank canvas waiting to be infused with the perfect collaboration of colours — or perhaps your trusty sitar, waiting to strum out your next opus…but you can’t think of a single idea to fill the void.
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AwayFind Comes to iPhone

When everything is marked important, then nothing is important. But AwayFind makes it easy to choose which messages are worth your attention.

You might already have “push” notification on your phone, but chances are you’ve turned it off due to the high volume of emails you receive.  The challenge of keeping your inbox at a manageable level just got a bit easier for iPhone/iPad owners.  AwayFind has launched their newest app – AwayFind for iPhone.
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What’s on Your Music Playlist – Freelance Edition

Call me odd, but I find that I struggle with two things that most people find easy.  One is picking a topic for a blog post and the other is choosing music to help keep me dancing in my seat. So when I saw Susan’s music playlist, I figured I could share mine. Once I’ve got a topic and some good tunes blasting, time has a way of sinking into the words on the page.  Next thing I know, it’s time for dinner. Click Here to Read Article …

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Personal Branding Tips from Dan Schawbel: A WorkAwesome Interview

In the constant quest that we undertake to showcase our work in a truly awesome way, personal branding is a topic that becomes more relevant daily.  Who you are online is becoming less distinguishable from who you are in the real world.  One of the best examples of personal brand management is Dan Schawbel, the brilliant mind behind Personal Branding Blog, founder of Millennial Branding, Personal Branding magazine, and the author of Me 2.0: 4 Steps to Building Your Future, a #1 international bestseller published in 4 languages and was rated the #1 career book of 2009 by The New York Post and the #1 Amazon bestseller in Japan.

Oh, and Dan just turned 27. Click Here to Read Article …

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The #1 Way to Stay Motivated

There have been a few different articles on WorkAwesome about how to stay motivated, from musical motivation to motivational quotes, but according to this report from the Harvard Business Review’s Breakthrough Ideas of 2010, the number one way to stay motivated is to have a clear sense that progress is being made. Click Here to Read Article …

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