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11 Tips for New Startups and Small Businesses

Starting your own business has a lot more to it than settling down in a coffee shop with a MacBook and waiting for the money to roll in. It’s backbreaking work and an emotional rollercoaster, but at the end it’s worth it.

We’re here to make sure you get off to a good start, and take your first steps in the right direction. Let’s see how to effectively start a startup: Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Find the Right Business Coach for Your Venture

The word “coach” tends to bring to mind thoughts of Little League, whistles, and stopwatches. As we get older, we are quick to forget the roles these individuals played in guiding our lives in the right direction. These were the type of people we wanted to work hard and succeed for. Why, then, should we not seek out this type of guidance when it comes to our professional lives? In other words, why not spend time to find the right business coach for your business?

As my business partner and I were starting to figure out what it took to build a successful business, we found that nearly everything we read stated the importance of having a mentor to guide you through the process. Back then, our sole form of guidance came from the many business and psychology books we read. For several years, we only knew our mentors virtually, through their articles. Taking these principles, we would get together with our “mastermind” group of six close friends, and use the feedback we received from them as a guide through the business world. Click Here to Read Article …

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