How to Be a Successful Telemarketer

Telemarketing jobs are very common nowadays. And this is not really a surprise, considering that it creates an opportunity for individuals who are having a hard time in getting a job.  After all, you don’t need a degree to work as a telemarketer, and it is one of the highest-paid online jobs today.

5 Tips to Become a Successful Telemarketer

Now, if you’re still starting out as a telemarketer here are some tips that might prove useful:

1. Planning.

This is the first phase in becoming a successful telemarketer; research is the key role in the planning phase. You need to research intently about the product that you are selling and as well as the company’s profile and background. You also need to know what potential questions are frequently asked by customers. Remember that giving the right answers on customer inquiries will usually get you to close a deal and get a sale.

Lead generation is also an important phase in planning.  This is the point wherein you need to get the telephone numbers of the customers that you feel is interested to purchase your items and make a call list. By using lead generation, time and effort is saved, because you are only calling those numbers that you feel are interested, thus, allowing you to target only a specific group of customers.

Finding the right customer for the telemarketing job is also essential. For example, if you are in the business of selling dog products, you need to find a suitable market for your product; it can be a pet store or a veterinarian clinic.

2. Sales pitch.

The sales pitch refers to the content of the call that you will be doing, or the one which you will be using to get the attention of the customer that you will be calling. Your sales pitch must contain precise and honest information for the customer to understand. You have to be very careful though, because if your sales pitch is too long you might end up losing the call. As much as possible you have to be brief and concise.

In some cases, companies provide their telemarketers with their own sales pitch. These are premade sales pitches that you can automatically use in promoting the company’s product. But it is highly recommended that you create your own pitch.  Why?  This is because you will be more confident and comfortable when you’re using you own pitch in doing calls.

Each individual has his own sales technique.  Some may use the serious type of sales pitch, while others may use humor to close a deal.  However, regardless of what technique you’re using as long as you’re making the pitch, you can rest assured that you can make it work.

3. Emotional and mental preparation before making the calls.

Before making the calls to the customer, you need to first prepare yourself mentally.  This is because of the reality that regardless of your efforts, there is still a possibility that your offer will be rejected, or you might encounter a very irate customer, or you might not be taken seriously by the customer.

By mentally accepting the possibility of getting a “no” for an answer, you are able to build an attitude that you can easily use for your telemarketing job. This will also determine the success and the duration of you working as a telemarketer.

4. Making the actual calls.

You need to start your call with a pleasant greeting to the customer. You can ask for the first name of recipient of the call, or, if you have obtained the name of the customer through lead generation, then try to ask if you can talk to him. If you’re calling a business establishment, ask for the person in charge.

In doing your sales pitch, you will need to speak slowly and clearly to the customer. You need to have a confident and patient approach to create trust with your customer. You can also try to relate your conversation with common topics such as the weather, politics and others.  Remember that the goal here is to let the customer loosen up, and in order to build rapport with him.

You also need to ask questions one at a time, and give the customer a minute to answer. Listen carefully to his/her answer, so you can adjust your sales pitch to the customer’s need.

If the customer is interested, provide him/her with the costing and pricing of the product and the options that he/she can make the payments.  If the customer is not interested, don’t disrespect the customer because you might make a sale the next time around. You can end your call with “In case you might be needing our services in the future please check out our website at, thank you and have a very good day.”

5. Following up.

You need to monitor your sales. You need to put captions on the numbers that you did not make a sale for you to follow-up in the near future; tracking sales is also one way of assessing your progress and the progress of your sales approach.

By following the 5 simple steps you can assure to work your way to a successful telemarketing career. May it be as a fulltime telemarketer or a part-time telemarketer, what is more important is that you can close a deal with your customer and make the sale.

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