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How to Make Your Mark at Your New Job

Starting a new job can present a range of emotions: excitement, nervousness, appreciation, etc. One pretty consistent feeling is the desire to get off to a good start.

Whether you are beginning your first job out of college, moving around within the industry, or starting on a new career path, here are a few ways to make your mark in your new position. Click Here to Read Article …

KEYS to Time Management

We live in a busy society where everyone is on the go all the time – in the office, at home, and in school. More often than not, it seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

For budding entrepreneurs and freelancers in particular, time may come at a premium as you work to balance your side gig with a regular nine-to-five, start and grow your business, and find time to eat!

One of the most important aptitudes for any individual with more tasks than time is time management. To reduce stress, increase productivity, and shorten the length of time between setting a goal and achieving it, use these KEYS to time management: Click Here to Read Article …

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6 Steps to a Career Change

There comes a point in many people’s careers where they find themselves unchallenged, unappreciated, or just plain unhappy. Many people will trod through these discouraging emotions and remain in their career due to fear of the unknown, apprehension about starting over, or simple economic necessity. Some audacious idealists, however, will not accept the feelings of living a life less than that of their dreams, and will begin the trek down the meandering road to changing careers.

Imagining a career change may seem like a daunting task, with the threat of the unknown causing even the bravest of individuals to cower. However, with the assistance of this helpful guide, anyone with an idea, two working legs, and an Internet connection can make their way through the uncharted territory and hopefully find their own El Dorado. Click Here to Read Article …