9 Qualities of Amazing Public Speakers

how to be a good public speaker

Speaking in front of a large group can be turn many people into a bundle of nerves, but if you are out to make an impact for the greater good, then avoiding public speaking isn’t an option.

You have to channel all of the inner courage locked inside of you.

Public speaking is all about sharing your ideas, concepts and views with a large crowd in order to spread awareness or open hearts to new directions.

Without a sharp, focused and confident mind however, it can all come crashing down fast.

Let me share with you what I’ve gathered — the finest tricks and tips to channel the natural orator within.

 1. Have Confidence

 A true public debater is one who displays absolute certainty about the topic he or she wishes to share and discuss with their audience. You know the subject will be welcomed openly by the audience, because of your familiarity and interest in it.

Having understood how well the listeners will perceive a speech and believing in a positive outcome is another sign of a speaker’s confidence.

2. Keep it Simple

You are not here to present an elaborate dissertation. You’re merely spreading your message, concept and viewpoints in the quickest and most easily understandable manner possible.

Don’t overthink it. What you have to say will come through best if you aren’t trying to impress anyone by complicating your message.

3. Be Passionate

 Doing research about a topic is of course important, but the reason it stays with and affects an audience is because of your strong feelings. You have a fire inside you about this subject you have to make sure that it appears as such in the eyes of your audience.

In fact, you have so much passion you will look under every ominous object and examine each anomaly to present your topic with legitimacy and accuracy.

4. Be Bold

You are the type to speak about something that most will turn away from due to frustration or controversy. Because of you have good and unbiased intentions, you shouldn’t back away from speaking your mind.

This charming characteristic increases your visibility and improves your standing as an orator.

5. Find Your Eloquence

Talking without stuttering is one of the most sought-after skills that obviously only the well-versed speakers harbor. One simple way to develop this is to practice your speech so often that you could do it in your sleep.

Having such a firm grasp of language that your speech sounds like poetry invites more listeners even if it’s not in their area of interest.

6. Be Humble and Friendly

Aside from possessing innate knowledge in your area of study and fortitude in expressing it, display a friendly outgoing demeanor will make your speeches more attractive.

Who wouldn’t want to follow someone who can keep the crowd delighted and engaged while remaining down-to-earth? Don’t shy away from sharing a few quick and witty jokes, or a personal anecdote or two.

7. Get Presentable

To boost your credibility to your audience, you will need to look the part of an esteemed speaker that is both professional and sophisticated.

Being sharply dressed reveals your attitude — people and critics will take you and your discussions more seriously. It can also help you feel more confident — there’s a reason people say you should dress for the role you want to have.

8. Be Informed

 Naturally, a great speaker knows exactly what he or she is talking about. The only way to invigorate your audience and slay the doubts of every critic is how precise and authentic your speech is.

Understand the arguments to your point of view, and leave no room for contradictions, eyebrow-raising moments or miscommunication.

9. Openly Welcome Criticism

To seal the marriage between amazing and public speaker, you must be open to all kinds of criticisms the audience might have in store for you. Whether they’re merely doubts, questions for clarification or harsh feedback, you must welcome all of it with calmness and respond in a polite tone.

There’s a running joke that since many people are more afraid of public speaking than death, they’d rather be in the coffin than giving the eulogy. Public speaking doesn’t have to be frightening — in fact it can be invigorating. Adopt these qualities and you can get your message to the masses in no time.

(Photo by Nadine Dereza / CC BY)

Hannah Lewis is an education consultant by profession with particular experience in the field of research and writing. She currently works at essayplus.co.uk as an community manager. She has also worked with popular organizations to foster the development of research- and technology-based learning programs for students.


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