AwayFind Comes to iPhone

When everything is marked important, then nothing is important. But AwayFind makes it easy to choose which messages are worth your attention.

You might already have “push” notification on your phone, but chances are you’ve turned it off due to the high volume of emails you receive.  The challenge of keeping your inbox at a manageable level just got a bit easier for iPhone/iPad owners.  AwayFind has launched their newest app – AwayFind for iPhone.

There’s no native iPad app yet, but the iPhone app looks fine.  You’ll need to setup an account on AwayFind first and then go to the App Store to try out the free app.

Consider this app as the executive assistant of your inbox – the one that knows you’re very busy and you only have the time and desire to see important messages.  You get to choose what’s important – not the sender.  Set up the filters on your phone or on the website.  You can make the messages from your spouse or boss a high priority, while everything else just rests in your inbox until you get the time to read it.

Don’t let your email inbox suck the time out of your day – respond to your critical messages and use the rest of your time to be awesome.

“Life is good: your AwayFind Inbox is empty”

These are magical words to see in the world of inbox management. Thanks for making it a bit easier, AwayFind!

AwayFind and AwayFind for iPhone

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  1. Jared Goralnick on the 5th December

    Hi Jason,

    Thank you for covering AwayFind! As the founder, just wanted to offer one tiny clarification–if you use Gmail or Google Apps, you don’t need to sign up on the web first–you can sign up right from the iPhone app (and it’s super quick).

    Happy to answer any questions for your readers…and thanks again!

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