How to Be More Productive During Air Travel

I used to love flying. It was an exciting adventure.

Now security-induced lines and weather delays have turned air travel into a nightmare.

But still anytime someone else does the driving, I’m basically happy. It gives me a chance to read or do some work. With a little bit of planning, my airplane seat becomes a mobile office. A bit cramped — but I can still gets things done.

The Time Management Ninja has some good tips for getting it done while en route. But there is a bit too much emphasis on electronic devices.

I’m a worrier. I worry about lack of wireless access and battery life. So I plan for digital downtime by adding these items to my carry on:

  1. Favorite magazines and newspapers
  2. Print outs of reports and articles I need to read for work
  3. Legal pad and pens
  4. Highlighters

Maybe I don’t need to pull out my laptop if I play my cards right.

8 Ways To Get Things Done on a Plane from the Time Management Ninja

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  1. Craig (@TMNinja) on the 3rd October


    Thanks for mentioning Time Management Ninja! Glad you found my site and article.

    Ironically, I am on a plane as I write this!

    I agree with you. I too try to have plenty of non-electronic things to do on the plane. Lots of downtime during takeoff and landing. And you never know when you might end up sitting on the runway for an extended period.

    Best wishes,

  2. Abhijit on the 12th October

    Good time management….!

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