10 iPhone Apps for Improving Productivity

If you browse through the iPhone App Store, you’ll find thousands of applications in all kinds of categories. That includes a huge number of apps made with the personal productivity of an iPhone user in mind.

Here are 10 such apps to consider using to get things done quickly and effectively on the iPhone — some are free, some are not — and most of these apps should also work on an iPod Touch or iPad.

1. PageOnce Personal Finance: This is a pretty cool app that could save you a lot of time if you use your iPhone to check things like your banking transactions, cellphone minutes, investment accounts or even things like your Netflix queue! This app aggregates all your online accounts, be it your financial accounts or social sites, in one place and lets you check details and get updates easily without the need to enter individual account passwords every time. The app uses 128-bit encryption for data security and is available in both free and premium versions.

2. Instapaper: For those who haven’t heard about this amazing tool called Instapaper, it’s a tool with a simple purpose – it allows you to quickly save web pages for reading later. Not only does it let you save web pages and read them, but it allows you to read them even when you are offline. It also offers a text-optimized view that shows only text and helps the page fit neatly on the iPhone screen.

3. Evernote: This popular note-taking and organization tool also offers an iPhone app. You can create and send notes, take and save photos taken from your phone’s camera, record voice memos and much more. The best part – all the data is synchronized with your Evernote account. So when you access it from your computer, you’ll also find your stuff there.

4. Things: Mac users would agree that Things has some great task management and organization capabilities. If you have been using it on your Mac then you should definitely have it on your iPhone/iPod touch. It can be used to manage to-dos, notes, schedules and projects. It will set you back $9.99 but is well worth it – especially if you’re already using the desktop version.

5. ReQall: ReQall is a pretty cool app that lets you record your voice reminders. Then it converts them into text, organizes them and reminds you when the time is near for the task to be completed. It also integrates with popular instant messaging tools, browsers and email applications. There’s also a “People” tab if you want to share your tasks and reminders with a group of people.

6. Bump: This is definitely the most innovative iPhone app in this list. It offers an easy way to share contact information, calendars, pictures and more between two iPhones. And it does that just with a “bump.” Yes, you just need to bump your phone with another one that has this app installed and information gets shared. Cool, isn’t it? Even better: Bump is free.

7. Hootsuite: This iPhone app is one of the best iPhone Twitter clients out there, especially if you manage more than one Twitter account and love using Twitter lists. Apart from helping you check and post tweets to multiple accounts quickly, the app also has support for Facebook individual and page updates, with more networks being added regularly. Its free version, which is ad-supported, is called Hootsuite Lite. The paid version costs $2.99.

8. SmartTime: An advanced organizer for iPhone that combines your tasks and events in a single interface and then finds time for new tasks depending on your schedule and appointments. It claims to be the only logic-based productivity app available for iPhone, and boasts a number of features. It comes with a price tag of $7.99.

9. Dropbox: If my article on key Dropbox features convinced you to download the desktop version and get started with it, then you might as well do that for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It lets you sync data from the device to your Dropbox account and also allows you to download and store files for offline viewing. Plus, it’s free.

10. Reeder 2.0: I mentioned Reeder 2.0 in my post on productive RSS feed reading. Since we are talking about iPhone apps that enhance productivity here, this nifty tool deserves another mention. If you read RSS feeds on your iPhone, this tool is worth a look.

What are your favorite iPhone apps that help you improve your productivity?

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  1. Thomas Craig Consulting on the 30th September

    Great list, will have to check out a few, already using bump, great little app for swapping data.

  2. Mark Szymanski on the 1st October

    I have used Evernote but it seems to be a bit too much for what I need to do. So I use Simplenote instead. It is simple, and works extremely well, even with huge amounts of notes.

  3. phani on the 21st October

    another recommended app is “logmein” which is very useful for software professionals and business prof who can quickly login to their office/home computers.

  4. david on the 23rd August

    Hey guys you can also download the Future Scheduler app, it’s pretty cool.

  5. Gavin on the 27th October

    That’s a good list. Instapaper receives frequent use, as does drop box, although more frequently on the desktop.

    Bump and Things are both apps on my list to try.

    Thinking productivity, Nudg’em is a new release (plug), that enables you to increase the productivity of friends/family.

    You make a reminder for them (time, proximity) and then send it to them. Now the reminder fires on their phone.

    Take control, if you think they might forget – Nudg’em.

  6. Jeff on the 31st May

    I would recommend adding Must Do Today to the list. It is a great app.

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