It’s Like Work … But More Awesome

The best way to make work feel like not work is to do something you enjoy, and do it damn well.ย That’s why we’ve created WorkAwesome, a blog for people who want to be awesome at work. After all, if you’re going to spend eight hours a day doing something, you may as well put some heart into it!

Over the coming months our crack editor Joel Falconer and his team of uber worker writers will be publishing articles on everything from how to make a Powerpoint presentation that rocks to how to behave at the office Christmas party! We’ve got a brand new comic strip coming from the extremely talented NC Winters, and we’ll be opening up for contributions so the anybody and everybody can share their tips on how to be more awesome at work!

So, on behalf of the whole team, welcome to Envato‘s newest site! We hope you enjoy the blog, find inspiration to make more of your workdays and kick ass in your office!

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Hi, I'm Collis! I work at Envato making awesome websites and working really, really hard! You can find me on Twitter @ collis for updates!


  1. Connor Crosby on the 21st August


    • lawrence77 on the 10th September

      awesome job :claps:

  2. michael on the 23rd August


  3. twe4ked on the 23rd August

    Whens release date?

  4. Mike Grace on the 23rd August

    Best theme ever! ;P Look forward to the site.

    • Tyler Diaz on the 13th September

      Agreed, possibly best blog-office theme I’ve seen.

  5. Onno Animation on the 23rd August

    Awesome site, I love the awesome template. I can’t wait to see the awesome posts about awesome work. Awesome! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. nanochrome on the 23rd August

    Waiting for another great blog/design!

  7. nishant on the 24th August

    i don’t see any theme implemented as yet.. when will it be live??? gr8 concept though…

  8. Joel Falconer on the 26th August

    Hello guys,

    The site is still in development. We’re currently amassing a team of writers, getting a design cut into a WordPress theme, and generally planning for awesomeness.

    Don’t worry. We’ll be teaching you guys how to be awesome at work very shortly!

  9. Onno Animation on the 26th August

    If awesomeness was a super power I would have that.

  10. Nathan on the 26th August

    Interested in how this site will turn out.

  11. Ryan on the 30th August

    Hey twe4ked, this site is part of envato networks they probably need that ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Ryan on the 30th August

    NOT need I mean ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Phil D. on the 8th September

    looks like a great site! followed you guys on twitter!

  14. @brandscaping on the 9th September

    Hi teamawesome –
    love the tweets – are you still looking for writers – even if they are Canadian? ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Joel Falconer on the 9th September

    For clarity’s sake, that is not Joel Falconer pictured.


    • Derek Herman on the 10th September

      Well who is it then?

    • Joel Falconer on the 10th September

      I’m pretty sure it was meant to be you Mr. Herman!

    • Derek Herman on the 10th September

      No way dude! I don’t do poses like that.

  16. Cyan on the 10th September

    You are what you eat, so WorkAwesome must have been eating awesome website. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Derek Herman on the 10th September

      I love the comments! Pretty sexy and Collis did another amazing job.

  17. Rob on the 10th September

    Great work guys! looks like Envato’s expanding again ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Aaron on the 10th September

    Ok maybe it’s because I’ve been up all night working, but this site looks so “shinny” even though no gradients or shine effects are used.

    Maybe it’s all the orange highlights? Good design. Good content. Added to my rss reader.


  19. Peter Gavrilov on the 11th September

    Nice work!

  20. Yuri Peixoto on the 11th September

    Love it. Iยดll spend a good part of my time. Here.

  21. Kuldar on the 11th September

    Another awesome site from envato. Impressive!

  22. Marcelo Kanzaki on the 11th September

    Awesome idea. Congrats!

  23. Rob Harry on the 11th September

    I am giving you the claps for a great job….feel the love and ignore the itching sensation!

  24. Gibbous on the 11th September

    I don’t mean to come across rude, but as soon as I read the URL I started to laugh. Defiantly an interesting concept for a site.
    However you guys at Envato are coming up with some great sites.

  25. Egy99 on the 11th September

    I’m very impressed guys. As always, your sites are Awesome, not just with the design, but most important with excellent content.

  26. ibura on the 11th September

    be blessed @collis, you rock

  27. Patrik on the 11th September

    Love the design, colors and images used. Itยดs totally A++ from me on this design.

  28. Complimedia Online on the 11th September

    This theme is amazing. I look forward to this new envato site!

  29. Benjamin Reid on the 11th September

    Amazing. I look forward to the forthcoming articles. Though I’m not a fan of the left hand sidebar.

    • Joni Geels on the 13th September

      It threw me at first, but I like the left-hand sidebar. It makes sense in this design since you can click the double arrows on the article to “turn the page” so to speak. Very intuitive move that makes the left-hand sidebar work on this site. Already subscribed and ready to learn how to be awesome!

  30. Dusan on the 11th September

    Another Envato jewel, you guys rock!

  31. Lauren on the 12th September

    Totally diggin’ this site so far… Keep up the good work, guys!

  32. Jarryd on the 14th September

    Had a look through and grabbed the wallpaper, looking good and looking forward to more articles!

  33. Mary on the 16th September

    Love the idea behind this blog! It is so important to do what you love. I’ll be forwarding this on to co-workers. Great job!

  34. Watford web designer on the 1st November

    brilliant post, sounds just like me, lol.
    Always working but barely feel tired or not even feel like getting up. Its like a addiction ๐Ÿ™‚

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