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5 Productivity Hacks for More Time in Your Business

There is no doubt cloud-based apps help you grow your business successfully and let you provide a better overall experience for your customers.

But as you grow, a tipping point emerges that can make you feel like you are working for your apps — moving data and repeating data entry — instead of having them work for you.

Most independent and home-based businesses now use at least five cloud-based apps, including email, marketing, project management software, online calendars, invoicing and book-keeping, and cloud-based storage services.

This is great when you are starting up: Each cloud app will help you to organize your business operations without having to invest in licensed software. Click Here to Read Article …

Why the First Hour is the Most Important Hour of Your Day

Have you ever woken up to the sounds of birds singing outside? You get up, walk to the kitchen, cook yourself an omelet and drink your favorite cup of coffee while you catch up on your RSS feed. Breakfast is perfect and the blogs are right on. — just what you needed to read. You go to work and accomplish everything on your to-do list. You have the exact perfect conversations and to top it off, your colleagues surprise you with freshly-baked cookies just because they love what you’re doing. Lucky day, right?
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16 Tips for Being Productive While Working From Home

I work from home. My friends think I am the luckiest. I have all the time in the world. I don’t need to commute everyday. My work’s easy. I can go out whenever I want. Great life, right?

I wish all of that was true.

Despite the benefits of working from home, it is no less challenging than an office job. In fact, I’d argue that working from home is more difficult because it’s not always easy to alienate your family from your work. Also, since there’s no boss screaming all the time, you could easily fall into the procrastination trap. Haven’t you experienced that? I bet, you have. Being productive while getting things done from home isn’t as easy as it looks. In this article, I explore 16 ways that could help you work smartly if you are one of us. Most of the tips come from my personal experience of working from home for over two years. Hope you find them useful. Click Here to Read Article …

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Are You Truly Being Productive?

When you’re a productivity hound, you’re nearly considered a hero. You’re praised for your ability to do a ton of work in a day, and your productivity is exalted.

There’s a problem with being productive, though. Productivity is quantity-based, not quality-based. This means its purpose is simply to get things done – doesn’t matter what.

And while you might get lots of praise for being able to multitask like a ninja and move heaven and earth, the truth is that moving stuff around isn’t very useful.

Well, it is if your goal is just to get things done. But if your goal is to achieve more for your business, your productivity may just need to be revisited. Click Here to Read Article …

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