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Strike: The Little App That Does a Lot

From the minds at ZURB (developers of the aforementioned Verify) comes Strike, a simple and effective web-based application that lets users set up to-do lists and share them with others.

Strike has an interface that is stripped down so that it just lets you create new lists, add tasks to the lists and then check tasks off in the lists as they get completed. The collaboration takes place when you share the unique URLs of each list with others. They can then work to finish items on the list as well. Progress is made through “knocking tasks down” using a combined effort. That said, you only need share the lists you want, so it makes it easy to run individual and team projects using Strike.
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Verify from ZURB Helps Test Out Design Ideas

ZURB is one of the workplaces that we recently featured at WorkAwesome, and one of the things that they are known for is their slew of applications designed to help people become more awesome at what they do.  Today ZURB has launched a new service named Verify, which allows basically anyone putting together a web product or site – the ability to get user feedback on what they put out on the web. Click Here to Read Article …

0Boxer Makes Getting to Inbox Zero Fun Again

For the last few weeks, a new service called 0Boxer has been buzzing around the productivity blogging world. The service is currently available for Chrome and Safari, and when I first read about it, I’d been a Firefox-only user. The last week has seen me switch over to Chrome–Firefox seems excessively sluggish on my fairly new i5 iMac, so I decided it was time for a change. Click Here to Read Article …

Productivity Web Apps Bundle on the Cheap

The popular lifehacking site, the aptly-named Lifehacker, delivered some fantastic news today that we just had to share!

The website AppSumo is offering a bundle of the professional level of web-based productivity apps such as Evernote, Remember The Milk and RescueTime (the last of which was used to calculate the lost time during Google’s Pac-Man logo day)  The package is just $55, which is pretty much the most awesome savings I’ve ever seen on a bundle of pure productivity apps.  The best part: they’re not platform-dependent so they’ll work on any OS of your choosing.  The not-so-best part: they’re only available at this price for a limited time and also for a limited duration (ranging from 2 months to 1 year before you have to pony up more dough).

Even with that caveat, the value of this package is well over $300 – a great deal no matter how you look at it.  So if you’re wanting to upgrade to the premium version from the “freemium” version of any of these apps –  or just want to give something new a try, this bundle is the perfect excuse/reason to do so.

Grab Premium Versions of Your Favorite Productivity Webapps for Cheap with AppSumo (via Lifehacker) Click Here to Read Article …