6 Ways to Stay Fit in College

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While in college, you will have certain demands on your time: parties, dating, friends, and, of course, school work. However, just because you’re studying and partying every day doesn’t mean that you can neglect your body.

In fact during college, when you are likely to be consuming copious amounts of alcohol and unhealthy food, you need to make sure that you are remaining healthy.

Keeping fit while at college is extremely important, and so here are just a few tips for how you can make sure that you remain active without impeding your study time.

1. Lose the Car and Bus

I know that you’re busy and don’t have time to waste by walking to lectures when you can drive, but think of your health.

Having a car is not only an expense that college students can do without (think about it – more money to spend on leisure activities!) but it is also a drain on their fitness level.

While walking is a nice way to relax, it’s not always practical — that’s where a decent bicycle comes in handy. If you have 10 minutes to get to class because you overslept, you can still hop on your bike and get there in no time. And parking can be a lot easier too.

It may not be as enjoyable as sitting lazily in your car or jumping on the bus, but your health will thank you for it. It’s such a simple and easy way to get exercise into your life!

2. Pair Exercise With Reading

How many hours a week do you spend reading? Your answer is likely to be too many. However, rather than treating time in the library as time spend solely on reading, spice things up a bit.

Try clenching your buttocks next time you are sitting in the library working on your next paper, or even invest in a small ball which you can squeeze under your foot so get your leg muscles working. You can still concentrate fully on your reading, while working your body out.

3. Hang Out With Friends Outside

Going to the movies is great, and we all love to play video games, but try to get your friends to join you outside rather than being stuck inside.

Organize a basketball game or go for a jog together; no matter what you are doing, as long as you are outside you are much more likely to be active than being stuck inside.

Also don’t think that being outside is a purely summer activity — even in the winter you can easily find places to go where you can exercise outside: ice skating, skiing, even a brisk hike downtown.

4. Memory Exercises

Repetition is key to remembering things. But rather than simply sitting in your dorm room and memorizing key dates or quotes, try working out.

You will find that you are less likely to get bored, because your mind is focused on two things, and you are working out too. Push-ups, chin-ups and sit-ups are just three examples of exercises which you can use to help memorize.

The same applies to cardio exercises — complete a certain distance on the treadmill or cross-trainer and then recite as many facts as you can.

5. Join Sports Teams

If you want to make friends as well as exercise, you should look into the sports teams that your college has. Whether it’s being part of the basketball team, football team, rowing squad or hockey team, you can find great ways to become active at college while also socializing.

This can also be a really great way to try things that you haven’t before — give gymnastics or soccer a go if you haven’t ever joined a team before.

6. Keep to a Schedule

Most college students will have diaries or day planners that they use to make sure that their papers are handed in on time or that they have studied for the exam coming up.

Apply the same principle to your exercise routine. If you are budgeting half an hour of exercise three times a week, you’re doing exactly what is recommended. Get your friends to join in with you and turn it into a competition, so that you are all enthused to take part in sport.

Never neglect your body, even at college — you are there to stimulate your mind, but don’t forget about helping your body out too.

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