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How Not to Be Productive

How not to be productive

You must have noticed how your productivity fluctuates day to day: sometimes you can’t concentrate or the mood isn’t right, or your flow is broken by frequent interruptions.

On other days you’ll feel like you could do everything twice over and still climb the Mt. Everest whilst holding your breath!

These extreme fluctuations used to annoy me as I struggled to be in control of my own productivity. To-do lists just made me more anxious, especially on the days when I failed to tick all the boxes. Click Here to Read Article …

Three Principles of Changing Habits

Changing Habits

A lot of the times, people want to change; they want to form new habits, to break certain old ones. They sincerely wish to have a certain discipline in life by changing their habits.

They kick off with great enthusiasm, they even gather momentum, but often, somewhere in between seeing results and staying motivated, something undesirable happens: they start to go back to their old ways. The more they resist, the greater the pull by the old habits.

So, why is so hard to make new habits or break old ones? And what can be done to fix it? Click Here to Read Article …

The Benefits of Procrastinating

The Benefits of Procrastinating

We’ve all been there – staring bleary eyed at a computer screen, digging deep for motivation or inspiration that seems to have taken a temporary hiatus just when we need it most.

Or, glued to the television set, watching the minutes tick by as the guilt of procrastination ruminates in our stomach.

There’s certainly no shortage of literature on procrastination – causes for it, tips for combating it, etc. – but is it really as bad as we make it out to be? Click Here to Read Article …

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Review: Comindware — A Nifty Project Management Software

Everyone wishes, they could have more time to get things done at work. When you work for a company that has multiple projects at once, managing these processes can be a daunting task.  Project management has become instrumental just for this purpose, businesses today want to get more done and spend less time having to organize it.

Comindware looks to help businesses become more efficient by streamlining the entire process.  From general management to the tracking on known issues, Comindware seeks to make project management easier, more efficient and generally less of a headache. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Avoid the Risks of Freelancing

Risks of Freelancing

The only truly effective way to avoid the risks inherent to self employment and freelancing is to not be self employed and to not freelance. That particular way of generating money tends to be one giant risk when compared to full time contract work.

Being your own boss is all about embracing the risk in order to reap the significant rewards that come with it with the only major compensation being that you’ll technically never be made redundant. Click Here to Read Article …

How to Save Money and Still Keep Your Employees Happy

As any boss will know, there’s a fine line between being frugal and tight-fisted. Whether you own your own business or you’re simply in charge of a budget and a camp of hard-working employees, you’ll undoubtedly want to appear generous without compromising your money saving strategy.

It can be a tricky balance to manage — after all, not everyone has the budget to create a Google-esque office oasis — however there are ways to encourage a harmonious working environment and keep costs under control at the same time.

From simple mood enhancers to long-term perks, by increasing happiness levels, work satisfaction and productivity, you could even end up making more money in the long run. Here are a few handy hints and tips on how! Click Here to Read Article …

How to Challenge Your Boss & Be Loved for it

Challenge your boss

The boss is not always right but all too often people fear that they might be ridiculed or even risk losing their job if they challenge their boss and speak forthright. You might have come up with an efficient solution to an ongoing problem, or an idea for a viable project, but you need to be able to approach your boss before these can be implemented.

People learn how to effectively communicate with the general public everyday in jobs; however, very little time and effort is spent learning how to open up the lines of communication with the boss. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Stop Fearing Your Superpowers


Have you ever had those days where your confidence is off the charts and you are knocking out amazing work?

The thing is most days we hesitate to unleash our superpowers. We hold back because we are afraid of the backlash that might occur.

The more you hold back from expanding the trust within yourself the less great work that you will do. I’m not talking about letting your ego get out of control. I’m talking about having trust in your gifts or superpowers. Click Here to Read Article …