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How Naps Can Increase Your Productivity

Do you wake up at the crack of dawn tired but knowing you have to get to work? Do you check your messages from your smart phone before you even pull back the covers in bed? How about skipping breakfast or lunch because you feel like you just have to much to do?

What about your email? Do you find that the sheer volume of email you get every day is growing at an alarming rate? Do you leave work later than you’d like to or take work home with you? The more we work, the more it becomes a job in itself to get things done. Face it, sometimes you just want to hit delete and start all over again.

More and more of us are finding ourselves in this situation, and it really shouldn’t have ever reached this point when something a simple as a nap might alleviate the issue. Time is the resource on which we’ve relied to get more accomplished. So when there’s more to do, we invest more hours or more time.

But time is finite – you can never get more. There is no app that creates a 26 hour day. That means many of us feel we’re running out of time, that we’re investing as many hours as we can while trying to retain some semblance of a life outside work. The truth is, it’s exhausting. Click Here to Read Article …

How to Be More Productive by Thinking Like a Creative Entrepreneur

When I became a freelance writer and virtual assistant, I had no idea really of what I was doing. Back then I would have never admitted that, or for that matter imagined that five years later it would be a career. To say the least, it has been an uphill battle.

Somewhere along the way I seemed to have lost what my goal was for the future, however. I started to work as a freelancer because I liked to write and I wanted to promote my other creative projects. Once I got hooked on the money, mainly because changes in my life required me to generate it, I became a hardcore freelancer. You know, one of those people addicted to the next gig.

This new mindset really affected my ability to be more productive. Sure, I got work done, but the work was generic and I wasn’t really invested in it. This was no longer my idea of a dream job. Then recently, I decided to look at it all in a bit of a different way. Now I am no longer a freelancer, I am a creative entrepreneur.
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Review: Comindware — A Nifty Project Management Software

Everyone wishes, they could have more time to get things done at work. When you work for a company that has multiple projects at once, managing these processes can be a daunting task.  Project management has become instrumental just for this purpose, businesses today want to get more done and spend less time having to organize it.

Comindware looks to help businesses become more efficient by streamlining the entire process.  From general management to the tracking on known issues, Comindware seeks to make project management easier, more efficient and generally less of a headache. Click Here to Read Article …

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