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Everyone wishes, they could have more time to get things done at work. When you work for a company that has multiple projects at once, managing these processes can be a daunting task.  Project management has become instrumental just for this purpose, businesses today want to get more done and spend less time having to organize it.

Comindware looks to help businesses become more efficient by streamlining the entire process.  From general management to the tracking on known issues, Comindware seeks to make project management easier, more efficient and generally less of a headache.

One reviewer from GetApp said it best when they looked at this product: “Comindware stands out from other collaboration solutions because it enables department and project employees to automate processes associated to tasks and projects, generating efficiency and productivity gains”.

In 2012 Comindware became a winner of Graphie Awards for its innovative graph database application. During his acceptance speech Max Tsypliaev, founder, president and chief executive officer for Comindware, Inc. “From project leads to CEOs, managers struggle to get real-time visibility and effective control of their co-minded work,” he continued. “Now, they can just open a web browser and start working collaboratively, with all of their tasks in a single place, automated with priorities so the right person is working on the right thing at the right time.”

What is Comindware

Comindware designed an innovative software; Comindware Tracker, for task management, issue management, project management, and online collaboration. Comindware Tracker includes eight pre-built solutions for different departments such as Human resources, Finance and Administration and the list goes on and on depending on your needs.

With Comindware ElasticData technology, any user can visually design, automate, and optimize nearly any workflow process, specific to their industry and department with ease.  The Software focuses on work-centric collaboration features which allows each team member to collaborate easily by adding comments, participate in discussions, share files, and more.

Teams can be virtual or in office.  Team members can work from anyplace and get progress reports, changes and other data easily and quickly.  This happens because of  an integrated task management system and a free add-in to synchronize the system with Outlook.

The program uses a web services-based API making it easy to integrate Comindware Tracker with any third party systems and services that you may already be operating ensuring a  seamless integration for users.

Top Benefits

When you use Comindware, you get the Comindware Tracker and Comindware Task Management Software.  These two systems run together to manage all aspect of a product and make tracking progress, problems and mitigating projected obstacles easier.


The software is not only familiar, but makes organization of complicated tasks easier and more efficient.  You always have all of the data about your project right at your desk top.


Other highlights include:

  • The main dash board has a similar layout to Microsoft Office.  You get the same “Ribbon” design as Microsoft Office so this means the system will be more familiar to users.
  • The far left column is the navigation column, the centre column is your list view, and the right column is your detail view of the highlighted item. It is through this that you are able to manage different tasks at once
  • Tasks can have layers which are nested for easy management.
  • Tasks can be given different due dates, and more.  Control in real time, every task.
  • You can log the time spent on each task for proper allocation.  Know which tasks are taking the longest time easily.  Manage where time can be better spent and utilized.
  • New tasks are added by simply creating a task through clicking one button.
  • Tasks can be made personal or assigned, you can also prioritize tasks for individuals and teams which makes time management easier and provides accountability.
  • You get the ability to create different work groups and work spaces for separate departments and teams.  You can run multiple departments from one place.  Each one is organized and easy to use.  No shuffling around.  It’s just right there.
  • Optimize your Workflow with provided templates or create your own.


Downside to the Software

The only big issue is the price for the software.  I felt there were no downfalls with the operational aspects of the software and felt that it was one of the more easy to use programs.  The single-user license comes in at $375, with discounts available for teams. This is priced well above the market average for similar software (which, according to many is around $245).

One  way to make it  more affordable for smaller companies or a small team would be to purchase it as a Cloud subscription-based service rather than as a traditional software license. Both options provide exactly the same functionality one is just month to month.  A month to month service runs only $16.25 – $25 /monthly per user which is a reasonable fee for such a useful product.

The great thing is if you are not sure this software is right for you, you can try their 30-Day Free trial.  This is a great way to give the software a try and see if it will meet your needs depending on your current projects and business size.

If you need project management software, this would be an excellent choice and easy to integrate into your other existing programs.

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