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7 Vitamins to Improve Memory

The sensory, short-term, and long-term categories are what make up the three different types of memory.

There are many factors that affect memory, such as age, overall health, hormone levels, and medications, among other things.

To help preserve memory, we must keep our minds active and maintain a healthy diet. Certain vitamins play a crucial role in brain health and memory, including B-vitamins, choline, ginkgo biloba, and other antioxidant nutrients.

Here are 7 vitamins and supplements to help memory and acuity. Click Here to Read Article …

How to Organize Your Home Office

We tend to ignore organizing our home office until it’s too late. As time goes on, miscellaneous items stack up in layers all around you until one day, something disappears and you realize you’re due for a cleaning.

Staying organized is a big challenge, whether you clock in to work at an office or work from the kitchen table at home. A cluttered work environment is not only unappealing but even worse, can waste valuable time and energy and negatively affect your productivity.

Here are just a few tips on how to organize and clean up your home office. Click Here to Read Article …

How to Make the Most of a Small Office Space

Small Office Space

To have a happy, productive office, your space must be set up and designed to its greatest potential. A good workplace is something that is efficient and organized, on top of being comfortably work conducive. Having said that, a small office space does not have to mean a limited amount of productivity.

The following are 6 tips on making the most of a small office space. Click Here to Read Article …

How to Stay Alert & Refreshed: 6 Ways

We all know what it feels like to stay up too late and struggle to stay alert the next morning.

Some common causes for tiredness in the workplace are keeping odd hours, a bad diet, too much or too little exercise, caffeine addiction, alcohol abuse and, poor sleeping patterns.

It is important to first establish the reasons behind why we get tired because it can help determine the factors that need changing to combat the lethargy.

As you will see, altering your behavior will help change the results of the next day. Click Here to Read Article …

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