Organize Your Life with 7 Best Websites

Staying organized is one of the major tenets of having successful and productive day. Some of us have inherent organizational skills, but most of us require additional help. In fact, we all suffer a lot of stress which could be avoided if we organize our life.

7 Websites to Help You Organize Your Life

Fortunately, the Internet provides help in the form of websites.


This website is like a clutter-busting boot camp and this doesn’t not only include the pile on your desk. Orgjunkie helps you in recalibrating your views and practices on how you organize yourself and remain stress free. Whether it’s the storage solutions that you need, or help in organizing daily or weekly menus or it is managing your calendar, Orgjunkie has it all. Undoubtedly one of the best websites to help you organize your life!


It would not be wrong to term this as the king of online calendars. allows you to publish, collaborate as well as share your personal schedule/calendar with anyone you want. It is very user-friendly and is much more visually pleasing than the messy and jumbled family calendar hanging on your wall. It is an effective tool to help you stay organized and remember all your important events and tasks. Another solid feature of this website is the ability to upload and share pictures, which come in handy to people who prefer to remember things visually.


Bundlo is a way to bundle and organize events and milestones of your kids. It lets you capture and upload precious life moments of your kids and organize these pieces accordingly. It helps you organize and maintain an online baby book which has up-to-date information on all aspects of your child. Create a vaccination calendar and doctor trips so as to maintain the entire medical history of your child for an easy reference by any doctor. A great website to stay organized for any parent!


This is a no-nonsense site which offers a practical guide to cleaning and de-cluttering your life. It is a great place to begin getting organized and help you manage your time as well as money apart from, planners and calendars, menu planning and printable checklists and lots more. We think it is very elegantly designed and easy to navigate with straightforward tips on getting organized in life. Another resourceful website to help you stay organized!


If you have a chaotic and hectic household then Cozi might be of great help to you. It is completely free and offers a multitude of options for users to get organized. The shared family calendar feature is a great way for the entire family to stay connected online and easily keep track of what everyone is doing and where and when everyone is supposed to be. You can create to-do lists and shopping plans too. A great way for the entire family to stay in tune to each other’s lives!


Springpadit offers quick and easy ways to save and store anything worth remembering — from ideas, phone numbers, notes, photos, recipes you accidentally find online and even barcodes of items you want to buy. View this as an online notebook where you can scribble anything. You can even partition your life into different notebooks like home, office, school, vacation, shopping, fun, friends etc and keep writing into each of them. There’s a digital inspiration board where you can visually organize a lot of things like your backyard design etc. Springpadit is a practical online tool to help you stay organized no matter how chaotic your daily routine.


This is one of the oldest websites that has been helping people get organized for so many years. One of the best features of Flylady is its system works in a step-wise manner. So you first learn one thing about being organized and then another and so on. It is like having a great friend who is with you all the time, who keeps tabs on all your activities and events. A solid website that can help you organize your life!

Getting and organizing your life takes time, patience and determination. It is rather imperative to focus on developing this critical quality whether professionally or personally, won’t you agree?

What are your tips to organize your life?

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Jahn I. Bek is a Co-Founder of a Success Incubator that allows Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals share their success stories through candid interviews. is an online Community for Entrepreneurs and Young Professionals with a goal to contribute, share and leverage the experience of successful companies.


  1. Rasmus on the 5th August

    I think you forgot evernote 🙂

    The only real thing to get organized 🙂

    • Jahn Bek on the 11th August

      Evernote is great. Thanks for the addition, Rasmus!

    • Stephanie on the 19th January

      Evernote’s is good… however is the absolute best. Cant believe it didnt make the list

  2. Leigh Harris on the 5th August

    Jahn, These websites are worth exploring. I’m particularly interested in looks useful for families with teenagers.

    My children are younger, and I tend to use the google calendar to organize my activities. It is accessible to my husband and I no matter where we are, and it is always open, as we use a gmail account.

    I have also just been introduced to, which is a program to organize files and the discussions around them. I’m using it to organize a conference, where the committee is in different cities. Then we plan to try the google+ “hang out” to have our meetings online.

    Thanks for the useful post!

    • Jahn Bek on the 11th August

      Hi Leigh,
      Yes, Google tools are always helpful and I use them all the time. I will have to check out as you suggested.


  3. Diane Shepard on the 5th August

    Useful sites for day to day activities. Thank you for sharing them! Being able to be organised and having de-cluttering skills is a dream, I hope a lot of people find out about these websites as they are very handy!


    • Jahn Bek on the 11th August

      Thanks Diane. Im glad you found the list helpful.

  4. Amy Putkonen on the 8th August

    Oh yes! A great list! I have not heard of some of these so a little Monday morning eye candy for us wannabe organized peeps!

    • Jahn Bek on the 11th August


      Indeed, I am an organized person “wannabe” and trying to explore some alternatives to actually get better at it 😉

  5. Carol Schiller on the 10th August

    Hi Jahn,

    Hi this is Carol from Cozi. Thanks so much for the shout out! We are honored and delighted to be included in your list.

    If any of your readers have questions about how to use Cozi or why they should choose it to manage their family calendar, feel free to come over to our Facebook page (or support group, or Twitter handle) and we’ll be happy to help you out.

    We kind of pride ourselves on offering better, more personal service than anyone expects from a web/mobile app, and we want to have the chance to wow you.

    Thanks again!
    Carol @CoziFamily

    • Jahn Bek on the 11th August

      Hi Carol,

      Cozi is an effective tool and thanks for letting us get a little better at being more organized.


  6. Connie Lee on the 12th August

    I saw the title to your post and just knew I had to read it.

    I was born with the uber-organizing gene. At the age of 6, I organized my mother’s kitchen.

    I love, love, love being organized. It saves me time, money and makes my busy life much less stressful. Since our home no longer has any areas which need organizing, I’ve branched out to assist family and friends, @ their request. :~)

    My organizational skills are innate, yet I didn’t inherit them from anyone in my family…go figure.

    What I’ve come to realize when helping others is while I have incredible spatial skills and can visualize the end result, many of those I’ve helped don’t have these same skills. My favorite website to help these people is

    In the YouTube ‘Search’, type in ‘organizing tips for…’ or ‘Organize Linen Closet’ or ‘Organize home office’ and you will find a world of help for those who need visual aids to help them envision new ways to sort and store.

    Thanks for this inspiring post and for the helpful links.


  7. Bojan on the 16th August

    Thank you for the list, all of these are going to end up in my Google Reader Productivity folder.

    • Jahn Bek on the 22nd August


      Good point – Google Reader could be another effective productivity tool added to this list :). Thanks for reading.

  8. Nancy Berger on the 30th August

    For organizing your life at work I recommend DRoster Employee Scheduling Software by Kappix. It’s free to download.

  9. Anthony on the 30th August

    All web sites you listed are good… anyway I think you forgot

  10. Homepage on the 21st September

    Awsome list but 1 more you forgot… its hard to limit this to just 7….

  11. Arman Infotech on the 31st October

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  12. Shift scheduling software on the 26th December

    30 is the good site to share the calender with everyone, but i don’t think it is great enough for managing big schedules. if you need to create Staff schedule then you might need to use a Staff scheduling software. probably you can use a free one for your needs but whenever you will need more and more features then you have to seek a pro version, because it will allow more controlling and will get more features.

  13. James Mckenzie on the 9th September

    Another site to add to the list is Suncast Space Planner Tool. This interactive tool allows you to easily plan any space in your home. If you have too much empty space and don’t know where to locate your furniture this will be an excellent tool to try to make the most out of your space.

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