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How to Have a Productive Day by Working Remotely

Have you ever noticed this? Sitting in the confines of the office stifles creativity and productivity. So the next time you want to be more productive, go on vacation. Just explain to your boss that you will be working remotely, and book the next flight to Los Cabos. All you need to pack is your smartphone and laptop.

Start your work day immediately, while driving to the airport.  Dexterously answer calls while stuck in traffic.  At the airport terminal, settle in with a Starbucks coffee and read email messages. Click Here to Read Article …

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Death by PowerPoint — How to Avoid it

The common side-effects of a PowerPoint presentation — How often we’ve sat in a crowded classroom or a stuffy library as we lose brain cells by the slide and we struggle to keep our eyelids open. I’m sure medical labs across the country are testing PowerPoint as an effective use in curing insomnia. But in all sincerity, the term “Death by PowerPoint” is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly.

If I offend anybody with the below points, I’m sorry. But, we are a presentation design company, and we have the right to be nitpicky. Click Here to Read Article ...

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10 Tips for a More Productive Day

The hours in a day are limited and every minute wasted is when your competition is getting better. Successful entrepreneurs and young professionals alike all share something in common – they understand the importance of a productive day.

Of course, not every day will be as productive as you wanted it to be, but understanding the lessons learned is what can set you apart from the rest. So here is some food for thought with a list of 10 tips for a more productive day: Click Here to Read Article …

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Are You a Victim of Performance Punishment?

Ever experience performance punishment? Imagine if Derek Jeter were so valuable to the (then) Greensboro Hornets they would never allow him to progress through the developmental leagues and on to the fabled career in the majors he (and baseball fans around the world!) now enjoys.

Or, what if the Cleveland Cavaliers gave LeBron James the keys to the kingdom to incentivize him to play out his entire career in a secondary media market with a slim chance of ever winning a championship? Click Here to Read Article …

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Master the Art of Motivation by Making Pain-to-Passion Transition

Motivation - Seize Your Day

If you want to become a master of your own motivation, so that you have relentless discipline and persistence to achieve your goals, you must understand that there is a past, present and future to the evolution of motivation.

In the past. . .

You had no motivation. But then something inspired you. I can’t say exactly what it was, but I can guess that you developed a burning desire to succeed based on the old methods for motivation.

. . . Methods that are now obsolete. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Conduct a Meeting – Not

Learning how to conduct a meeting should be mandatory in all grade schools. Maybe if it was, we would eventually end the misery that occurs so often in organizations when someone calls an informational meeting.

Let’s see some common cases below. Click Here to Read Article …

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Is it a Job, Career or Your True Calling?

True calling

As Woodrow Wilson once remarked, “We are not here to merely earn a living and to create value for our shareholders. We are here to enrich the world and make it a finer place to live. We will impoverish ourselves if we fail to do so.”

Are you really happy at work? Do you jump out of bed each morning and look forward to getting started at your true calling? Do you have a great sense of fulfillment from your job? If the answer to any of these is ‘NO’ for you, then you may want to read on to discover why this is happening and what you can do about it. Click Here to Read Article …

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5 Ways to Know You Need More Life Balance

There are books and websites and TV shows that claim to teach the secrets to living a life of balance. With the madness of everyday life, achieving a “balanced life” has become the dream that every adult strives for. Being the best you can be without breaking a sweat.

It’s become the “have it all” of the 21st century: Excelling at work, raising brilliant and well-behaved kids, pursuing high education to move up in your career and keeping an exciting and loving relationship with a spouse. Of course, taking on every aspect of your life is a recipe for failure, and will stress you out even more. Click Here to Read Article …