Review: Slidevana — Create Slick Presentations on PC, Mac, iPhone & iPad

When putting an important presentation together, it’s critical that you include all the information necessary to convey your message. However, spending hours on the design of your slideshow, rather than themessage you’re trying to communicate, means that you risk leaving out important details or presenting only a fraction of what you hope to convey. Slidevana has recently released its Keynote and PowerPoint template software to ward off exactly that.

“Whether it was for a board meeting, sales call, industry conference, investor pitch or internal review, these presentations needed to get done fast and tell a great story. But most presenters spend more than half of their time creating slides, instead of honing their message. That is why I created Slidevana.”  – Ravi Mehta, CEO of Slidevana, PRWeb.

The Details

For $69, you’ll get a professional bundle of slide templates created specifically for the busy business person. Mehta explains that the idea sprouted from years of rushing through presentations. Too many sloppy slide shows later, and Slidevana was created. Mehta has put together an easy to use and comprehensive presentation toolkit with over 140 of the most widely used business templates.

Now you may be thinking: Is it for Mac, PC, iPad, or iPhone? While that is an excellent question, I have an even better answer for you: All of the above. Originally released for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, the pack has recently been made PC-compatible. The program works in conjunction with Keynote for Mac and iOS as well as PowerPoint on both Mac and Windows. Despite distinct differences between the two systems, the program itself provides all the same features and capabilities, regardless of what device you prefer. It even makes going back and forth between Keynote and PowerPoint easier.

Why You Want It

When it comes to impressing the big wigs, your presentations need to be perfect. With work, family and social obligations, take a load off your shoulders with Slidevana. But, you ask, why not simply use the templates that come with PowerPoint and the like? Why is this perfect presentation medium for you?

  • Choose it: Slidevana includes two different color schemes. Decide between Slidevana Light, which features a white background perfect for projecting or printing, and Slidevana Dark, which offers a bolder, powerful look for audiences of all sizes.
  • Personalize it: Every clean cut, minimalistic slide can be customized with your personal logo, photos, color palette, and theme layouts.
  • Customize it: From diagrams to tables, charts, and lists, you have every option to make the presentation perfect for any occasion.
  • Dictate it: Even on the go, completing your presentation is not out of the question. Dictate the contents of your slides with Siri (Apple’s Speech Recognition technology) on the iPhone 4s and the new iPad.

While these options are available to some extent in any other presentation software, Slidevana has innovated the process. Simply cut and paste the perfect slide for your message to make the process quick, easy and a guaranteed success.

The Drawbacks

Slidevana does an excellent job of presenting you with every possible option for optimizing your presentation. However, according to a review by Erica Sadun, on, “. . . there’s a bit of redundancy such as 4 charts worth of duplicate shapes all presented with distinct key colors.” Yet, Sadun quickly changes tone suggesting that despite repetition, the plethora of slides lead to a complete bundle sure to please any user.

When the negative is easily turned into a positive, you can be sure you’re getting a good product. While it may take you a moment extra to sort through a few redundant slides, overall you’re still spending significantly less time putting the presentation together, and getting options to suit every occasion.


As a busy business person, having a toolkit such as this can be the difference between getting a presentation done on time and losing an important potential client. Slidevana’s professionally designed templates will allow you to spend your time creating a persuasive message, rather than pushing pixels in your presentation program.

You can make your next presentation easier with Slidevana and see the results – a notable, well designed slide deck sure to impress and inspire your audience.

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  2. Travis Ehrenstrom on the 7th May

    This seems so close to plagiarism, but just close enough to awesome! I use slides all the time, and I finally created a nice template in Keynote, that I’e been able to transfer over to all of my presentations. I would bet that building the templates took much longer than what would be worth the $70 price tag on these. What programs are these slides compatible with? Thanks for the insight!

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on slidevana.

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