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Review: Slidevana — Create Slick Presentations on PC, Mac, iPhone & iPad

When putting an important presentation together, it’s critical that you include all the information necessary to convey your message. However, spending hours on the design of your slideshow, rather than themessage you’re trying to communicate, means that you risk leaving out important details or presenting only a fraction of what you hope to convey. Slidevana has recently released its Keynote and PowerPoint template software to ward off exactly that.

“Whether it was for a board meeting, sales call, industry conference, investor pitch or internal review, these presentations needed to get done fast and tell a great story. But most presenters spend more than half of their time creating slides, instead of honing their message. That is why I created Slidevana.”  – Ravi Mehta, CEO of Slidevana, PRWeb. Click Here to Read Article …

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Top 10 Legitimate Work from Home Sites

If you’re looking for a great opportunity, look no further than your computer. The workplace is changing and to meet the demands of consumers and companies are rethinking their staffing approach – they are not limiting themselves to local, in-person employees. Today, you can capitalize on the opportunity to work from home for clients worldwide.

The Internet consists of several legitimate work from home sites. The question really is how badly do you want to work? The ideal scenario for most graduates is to make money without trying too hard. You see your parents working all day in living hell and don’t want to follow in their footsteps. After all, it seems like a bitter pill to swallow if you wake up one day and realize you’ve been sitting in an office for most of your life. Click Here to Read Article …

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Give Your Job Application the Edge with an Online Profile

Online profile

If you are in the process of looking for a job you’re probably already using all the traditional approaches: job application forms, CVs and résumés, covering letters and emails. But have you also thought about setting up a personal online profile with a website?

This not only shows potential employers that you understand digital media, it also offers you another opportunity to differentiate yourself from other jobseekers. At a time when the overall economic climate is less favorable this is even more important than ever. Click Here to Read Article …

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How To Use Social Media To Look Bigger Than You Are

How to use social media

What do all successful businesses have in common?

If you are the owner/operator of your own business or an entrepreneur that is getting ready to make your first big move, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question more than a few times.

Okay, I’ll admit there are multiple answers to that question, but what I was thinking of is this — successful businesses are reliable. That’s why consumers tend to bring their business to large companies like Walmart or Lowes — they know that if there is a problem with the product, or if they have a complaint, there are hundreds of people that can help. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Manage Time Better

Manage time

With so many hardware and software tools available at one’s disposal these days, many of us are of the view that these technology tools distract and hamper time spent on more productive activities.

However, this view represents only on side of the issue. One can efficiently manage time by leveraging the power of technology and use some of the great tools to simplify and organize life at work and on the personal front. Click Here to Read Article …

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Four Ways to Be Accountable

A client of mine, a professional hockey player, impressed me recently by practicing in real life what I call the Four Levels to be Accountable. This superb athlete had experienced several games in a row in which he felt as though his team’s performance, as well as his own, was below potential. This is what he told me:

“I’m one of the leaders on this team and I need to do better. It’s not like I’ve been slacking—in fact, I’m busting my butt. But the truth is, I need to be doing more—and I can do more. I’m at ninety to ninety-five percent of my potential, but it hasn’t been enough. For the first time since I can remember, I got a pretty stiff message from the coaches. I didn’t like to hear it, but I won’t argue. I need to respond with more effort.” Click Here to Read Article …

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Igniting Fire with Danielle LaPorte

I’m excited to bring you an interview with Danielle LaPorte. Danielle’s an inspiration, a motivational goddess and hosts “the best place online for kick-ass spirituality”. I got to pick her brains a little, and here’s what came out. Let’s dive straight in!

1. Tell us something about pure instinct and self-knowledge in figuring the passion.

If it doesnʼt light you up, youʼre not the right person for the job. Legendary choreographer Twyla Tharp uses the athlete as a metaphor for this kind of refinement. The talented sports guy has to weigh out many factors: “What comes naturally to him, what does he enjoy the most, in which sport does he have a natural advantage? But in the end the choice should be based on pure instinct and self-knowledge. What sport does he feel in his muscles and bones? What sport was he born to play?” Click Here to Read Article …

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The Problem with To-Do Lists

to-do lists

There is no shortage of blogs and resources on how to effectively manage our time, however there is a problem with the tools that are available to us. To-do lists and calendars are both restrictive, each in their own way.

The problem with flat to-do lists

Keeping a to-do list is a great way of taking the individual items off your mind to allow you to focus on the task at hand. However, problems arise when your list grows overwhelmingly long. No one wants to scan a long list of tasks, before they choose what to work on. Not only is a long to-do list de-motivating, but picking a single item to work on creates a sense of opportunity cost. No matter what you choose you will be left feeling “Is this the optimal use of my time?” Click Here to Read Article …