Review: Resume Baker – Make Your Resume Stand Out!

The latest unemployment numbers in the US show that our job situation isn’t getting anywhere fast. For the job seeker, that means that the competition you are up against will continue to be stacked high for the foreseeable future.

With the countless resumes that employers are sifting through whenever they have an open position, it is more important now than it ever has been to do what you can to make an impression quickly.

What’s on your resume is important, and so is what’s not on it. When time is of the essence to the employer, it might take something eye-catching to get them to even read yours. This is the advantage that Resume Baker can give you.

What Is Resume Baker?

Resume Baker is a web based service for sprucing up the visual attractiveness of your resume. Essentially, they are a graphic design company focused solely on turning your resume into eye candy that will make people take notice and want to read on.

How Does It Work?


  • The process is fairly simple, although the pricing should be examined beforehand to determine exactly what you want. There are no refunds from the site.
  • First you choose a template from the gallery. There are options that include a picture and some without. The pricing starts at $65 for a basic template, but the vast majority will run $89 to start.
  • Once you have chosen your template, you then choose the number of pages and, if the option is available for your selected template, the color scheme you prefer from the dropdown boxes. Each extra page beyond the first is an additional $10. A custom color scheme may be requested for an additional $20.
  • Other than adding what you’ve chosen to your cart and paying for it, the only thing left to do is to upload the text copy of your resume to be converted. The graphic design team will transform your black and white text-based resume into a stunning graphic version which will be returned to you in three days in high quality PDF form.
  • You may request two rounds of revisions within the first two weeks free of charge. Any revisions beyond the first two and/or after two weeks are charged at $8 per revision, and each time there is an expected three day turnaround.

Things We Loved

  • The service offers beautifully crafted graphics for your resume that are sure to catch the eye of any HR dept
  • The process is extremely simple. There are virtually no hoops to jump through in getting your completed resume.
  • The selection process is made simple since almost every design is priced the same. You won’t have to go back and forth based on saving a buck on one design over another

Things We’d Love to See in the Future

  • Writing and editing services. Currently the company doesn’t offer these at all, so your text is left completely up to you. If they were to add this to the mix, they would be a complete resume service that would have a decisive advantage over others.
  • Better pricing or more services for the price. Resume Baker is not necessarily outrageous in their pricing, but a resume is going to be mostly about the words on the paper. For adding eye candy to the mix, $99 is a little steep for the masses. Especially if they are hiring someone else to do the writing for them. ($99 is based on an $89 design with one extra page)

Who is Resume Baker for?

Resume Baker is a great service for anyone who is in search of a job, which right now is quite a few people. The brilliant designs they offer will definitely give you one more small advantage in getting your resume noticed in the endless stack that employers have to read through.

Wally Peterson is a freelance writer and aspiring beach bum with a face made for blogging. He lives 60 seconds from the sand (walking time) on the southern Outer Banks of North Carolina.


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