10 Premium Professional PowerPoint Themes and Backgrounds

We showcased some nice free PowerPoint templates in our article 20 Free PowerPoint Templates that Don’t Suck. While those were some great templates (and free too), if you are looking for some PowerPoint themes with a professional touch – and don’t mind spending a few bucks – then check out these 10 premium PowerPoint themes for creating great business presentations.

1. Left Side Navigation PTT Template


2. Modern Agency Presentation


3. BIGIdea PowerPoint Presentation


4. Wiked Template With Footer


5. Elegant PowerPoint Presentation


6. Black, Strong Presentation


7. Graph and Chart Presentation Templates


8. Fresh Creative “Chalkboard” Presentation


9. Business Presentation Template


10. Elegant Portfolio Presentation


Need More?

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  1. Well this is the answer to the previous comment on the free templates, in which the person said that ‘can these be used for professional purposes?!’

  2. Janet Martin on the 18th June

    Thanks so much. These are great. I especially like that last template — the portfolio. It’s perfect for a copywriter like me who wasn’t to look more professional without coming across as uber-corporate.

  3. jupjup on the 22nd June

    Love the chalkboard one! My teacher said “you’re creative, you need something to do with you’re talent…” 😀

  4. Jens P. Berget on the 23rd June

    I have been looking for a new powerpoint theme, thanks a lot for sharing.

  5. Gorila on the 22nd June

    Seem workawesome not update new ppt anymore.

  6. SpareFoot on the 24th June

    Definitely inspiring. I really like the templates with non-default graphs and charts. That’s an easy way to stand out from the crowd.

  7. sabrina on the 11th November

    A very nice collection of professional PowerPoint themes and backgrounds there!

  8. Sinha on the 23rd August

    Its is a very nice collection you have provided here thanks for this. I got another website where I found just one template. I guess they will be providing more of that. Here is the link I hope it would be useful to you all


    Cheers all !!!

  9. Roma on the 6th February

    Here is featured items area on the GraphicRiver with new “Professional PowerPoint Templates” collection: http://graphicriver.net/collections/2415609-professional-powerpoint-templates

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