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Death by PowerPoint — How to Avoid it

The common side-effects of a PowerPoint presentation — How often we’ve sat in a crowded classroom or a stuffy library as we lose brain cells by the slide and we struggle to keep our eyelids open. I’m sure medical labs across the country are testing PowerPoint as an effective use in curing insomnia. But in all sincerity, the term “Death by PowerPoint” is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly.

If I offend anybody with the below points, I’m sorry. But, we are a presentation design company, and we have the right to be nitpicky. Click Here to Read Article ...

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Forget PowerPoint! How to Deliver Awesome Presentations

There’s nothing worse than falling asleep during a presentation…

This time, I’m going to stay awake. So far, so good… I’m following what he’s saying… But I wonder why the text on the screen looks really black, when the area around the slide looks kind of grey? It’s just the colour of the screen so it should look the same. I mean you can’t project more black. Must be a contrast thing. Aren’t brains weird? Wait a minute, what was he saying? Now my eyelids are getting heavy…

If you’ve ever had that feeling of jerking awake as your head falls off your shoulders, you’ll know there’s nothing much worse than trying to stay awake during a dull presentation. Everyone behind you has noticed your head making small circles and slow-bouncing nods — but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t stay awake. You’re a bear hit with a tranquilizer dart — you can fight it, but after a few wobbly steps you’re going down. You just have to hope you don’t start drooling or let out any inadvertent snorts as you wake up.

Come to think of it, there is one thing that’s worse. It’s far worse to be the one delivering a bad presentation.

A half-hour talk given to an audience of 20 uses up 10 hours of other people’s time. There’s no reason in the world not to make it awesome. Here’s how you can stop draining people with your presentations and start delivering awesome ones.
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6 Web-Based Alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is the ubiquitous solution to presentations on most computers. But with a profound move to the cloud, there’s a range of alternatives (most free) based on the web. These solutions offer not only features similar to the desktop app, but the ability to load your presentation anywhere you get an internet connection and, in most cases, download a copy for offline shows and/or further customization in PowerPoint itself.

In this roundup, we’ll look at a range of web-based alternatives for PowerPoint and in a future one, look at alternatives for Excel.

Google Docs

Google Docs is, of course, the first solution that comes to mind. Google offers potential replacements for Word, Excel and PowerPoint in the form of their own, slightly-less-featureful web app.

The presentation tool is basic, but gets the job done in most cases. The interface links in with Google’s other Docs properties with the addition of presentation-specific elements such as the slide browser on the left.
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Free PowerPoint Template – Wrap

A couple weeks ago we released our first Free PowerPoint Template: Wooden here on WorkAwesome, and today we have another! This one is called Wrap and is a simple template that uses Helvetica Neue Ultralight, a very clean font to give a very professional feel to your next presentation.

As always if you want super high quality templates and don’t mind paying a bit, you’ll find some great stuff on GraphicRiver’s Powerpoint Templates category.

Without further ado, here is today’s freebie! Click Here to Read Article …

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Top 10 Powerpoint Resume Presentations on Slideshare

As the landscape of job hunting changes, so does the way job hunters need to present themselves. While the traditional written resume is going to be a staple for most, there are others who have taken it upon themselves to enhance their resumes through unique design implementation or delivery method.

Bringing your resume to life with a slidedeck is becoming increasingly popular. We’ve highlighted the top 10 PowerPoint resume presentations on Slideshare below to give you an idea of what you can do to elevate your resume — and land that next gig.
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Free PowerPoint Template – Wooden

There aren’t a lot of great free templates for PowerPoint. In fact when we decided to compile our list of 20 Free PowerPoint Templates That Don’t Suck, it was pretty hard work finding them!

So I thought I’d start a little series here on WorkAwesome of some free templates from old projects of mine, or quick ideas I have. I whipped up the first today which is a simple wooden background template, and you can download it below. Of course if you want super high quality templates and don’t mind paying a bit, you’ll find some great stuff on GraphicRiver’s PPT Templates category.

Anyhow here is today’s freebie! Click Here to Read Article …

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9 Big, Bold Designer PowerPoint Templates

Putting together a memorable presentation is very challenging work. You want it to stand out and resonate with your audience, and it’s hard enough to put together all of the information in a cohesive manner without having to worry about design. That’s why a lot of presentations end up being far less than what they really could have been. It’s like having a choice between opening a gift wrapped in fancy wrapping paper compared to one wrapped in newsprint. The shiny object always seems to win out.
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Top 10 Coolest PowerPoint Slideshows on Slideshare

As the World’s Best Presentation contest on SlideShare comes to a close, we thought we’d share with you our thoughts on the top ten coolest PowerPoint slideshows. We’ve already featured Jesse DesJardins — and he sets the bar pretty high — so while he’s not on this list, you should check out his work. It was used as a benchmark of sorts when this list was put together.

The “coolness” factor is based no information given and in the manner in which it is delivered. There’s a mix of traditional presentations along with some of the more “graphical” ones that are becoming very popular. Since the hallmark of a great presentation is for it to convey a message on its own, we’re going to let each one do just that.

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