8 Stunning PowerPoint Templates: The Spring Line!

Every once in a while, we here at WorkAwesome like to provide you with some concrete tools that you can use in your work life. Today, we’re revisiting an old favorite: PowerPoint Templates. This past December we had 17 templates, and now we have a few more including several with customizable layouts.

Here is a layout with a map of the world that you can customize (this is something I definitely would have appreciated at my previous job):


Here is a layout of a newspaper that you can customize:


Here is an animated film countdown (I don’t know how you might use it in a professional setting, but it’s definitely unique):


And here are a few new designs available from GraphicRiver:






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  1. The Simple Machine on the 9th April

    I like the second last presentation – it is sophisticated. But too bad it is not free. At work I have to use the Corp templates, so this would really only be for personal stuff. I can do with the free template that comes pre-installed.

  2. Stephanie Lewis on the 9th April

    It’s a shame that “welcome” is spelled wrong in that one Graphic River slide. 😉

  3. Yaritsa on the 9th April

    I like the Finite Presentations design and I really like the footer on the Wellcome design. The Daily News one is cute as well. These are nicely done.

  4. Julius on the 9th April

    I’m gonna take note of that World Map template. Thanks.

  5. Richie on the 13th April

    I am skeptical about last one because, I have no idea what makes it stunning and NOT free !!!
    The John Doe thing is pretty stunning though

  6. ibib on the 13th April

    My presentation is in there too – How awesome is that ? 😀

  7. Jem Englert on the 11th May

    None of these really blow me away, but the one with the “Wellcome” is probably the best. I am still honestly surprised at the lack of really high quality, usable presentations available on the net.

    Creating your own is definitely the way to go.

  8. Zirk on the 3rd September

    I agree, the Daily News template is defintely an interesting template for Powerpoint… and that is free (on the contrary of the GraphicRiver ones…). Interesting collection… Thank for this!

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