AllMyMacApps Lets You Quickly Find and Download Mac Apps

AllMyMacApps is an online tool based on the Fluid app that helps OS X users quickly locate and download apps.

I am not a Mac user (at least not yet), and so I couldn’t understand its usability at first glance. But after I read its reviews on major tech journals, I’ve concluded that the main advantage of this tool is that it makes the process of finding and downloading multiple Mac apps really quick. This can greatly help a new Mac user who is in search for downloads to get things done.

We know a lot of you use Macs, so I’d love to have you check it out and then give your feedback in the comments. You’ ¬†need to get that Fluid app first, though…


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  1. Payam on the 7th February

    it could be very useful , Great Idea ! i will check it and let you know

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