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How to Accelerate Your Career After-Hours

Last February, Joseph Lewis wrote about the 21st Century Career. One of the major points he discussed was the need to continue developing job skills outside of the nine to five job. However, resources are lacking in terms of just how to do this.

In case you missed what a 21st Century Career is, it entails a shift from working decades for the same business or industry, to a more serial style career where you progressively move up every 2-5 years in different companies. Today a career isn’t defined so much by the company you work for, but by the unique set of job skills you acquire from experiences inside and outside of the workforce.

Like Joseph said,

“If your only professional endeavor is to spend 8 hours a day at a desk shuffling papers for someone who is ready to retire, then your career is already in trouble.”

So how do you succeed in a world that is quickly changing the idea of the career?
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How to Follow Your Passion — It’s More than a Fruit

In a recent TV interview, health advocate Dr. Mehmet Oz shared that in a survey of 1.2 million people about health habits, 95% of the healthiest people in the survey made a habit of taking time for themselves.

Taking time to follow your passions and things you love to do is not just a “nice” thing anymore. It’s necessary for overall health and well-being. The benefits to our lives stretch beyond just health. Pursuing our passions (either at work or in our free time) can have direct impact on our productivity and happiness. Click Here to Read Article …

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