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Smart Ways to Get Outside the Office

You know about the push to go green, get outside into nature, and hug your fellow trees. But is it really worth it? Does too much time spent within four walls really lead to a disorder?

Experts have defined it—there is such a thing as Nature Deficit Disorder. Though Nature Deficit Disorder, the result of a cultural trend towards everything indoors, has been cited as a possible explanation for hyperactivity disorders in children, common sense would suggest that if kids are bearing the negative brunt of too much walled-in screen time, you could be too. Click Here to Read Article …

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7 Ways to an Effective Team Meeting

The top management has just assigned a very important project to your department. You eagerly gather your team and show them what the management wants. Your teammates share their opinions, brainstorm on ideas, laugh a little, and tell stories on their personal lives.

After two hours, you adjourn the meeting, anticipating what the team can and will do on this project. A week later, you ask your staff for updates and no one gives a good enough answer. You ask yourself, “Where are the accomplishments?”

It’s a common dilemma of managers. Many hours are spent on team meetings only to realize that nobody is clear on what they must do and nothing is accomplished. Click Here to Read Article …

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Why We Should Say “No”

A good friend of mine recently shared a secret with me. When I asked her how she managed to stay so calm, cool and collected, she told me it was something she learned years ago that has helped her both professionally and personally.

She learned to say “NO”.

Personal Observations

After listening to her share how this has changed her life, I tried to do this myself. While I’m still learning and caving once in awhile, I can now clearly see the benefits of using this little two-lettered word when need be.

You can do it too. It’s an easy way to change your life without spending any of your money or time. Try to say no more often and enjoy these benefits: Click Here to Read Article …

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Episode 18 – Jason Womack: Work Awesome Podcast

On this week’s episode of the Work Awesome podcast (the first under new ownership, I might add), we start a new era. A new theme will greet listeners as they tune in, but a familiar voice can still be heard as host.

I continue my journey with this site in my new role as Podcast Prodigy, and every other week the Work Awesome podcast will bring tips, tricks, interviews and more. This week, I had the opportunity to speak with Jason Womack, noted productivity expert and author. Jason is one of the principals at The Womack Company, a company that aims to help those in all walks of business (and in life) “level up” their productivity.

Jason recently inked a book deal with Wiley Publishing, and his first book under its banner, Your Best Just Got Better, will hit bookshelves later in 2011.
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Personal Life Outside of Work

Are you spending longer at work these days, putting in extra hours just to get everything done? And, when you finally clock out and leave, do you bring your job — and workplace worries — through the front door with you?

It can be a constant struggle protecting your precious personal life from the pressures of work. And it’s a battle many people are losing.

The temptation is to do the extra hours tonight in the weak hope you’ll get caught up and be able to relax a little in the morning. But, the ‘to do’ list keeps on growing — and you end up waiting behind again tomorrow. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Be Consistent & Get Stuff Done

It’s easy to go running once. It isn’t even that hard to go running for an entire month. What’s really difficult is going running, day after day, for years. It’s easy to start something; it’s much harder to consistently finish it.

Many people think consistency is a matter of willpower. That the people who exercise every day, always save a percentage of their income. Or those who manages to upkeep a blog for years have a special ability to endure.

I completely disagree. I think consistency has little to do with willpower and I want to use this article to explain why. Click Here to Read Article …

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Office Gossip — 3 Ways to Deal With It

So the office gossiper approaches you, saying that she’s got the latest scoop on one of your co-workers. Do you sit down and listen eagerly, or do you walk away, proudly proclaiming that you don’t participate in office gossip of any kind?

Let’s admit it. We all participate in gossip at least once in a while in our lives. After all, it’s not always easy to resist a piece of new information about another person. Humans are naturally curious beings, most especially about each other.

Despite its bad reputation, gossip—the light talk about other people’s personal affairs—has helped humans learn more about each. It has proven to be useful as well. If you’re an art-lover, hearing that your new neighbor “was in the art gallery last week” could help you start a new and meaningful friendship.

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Networking Tips for Freelancers

The idea of working at home is a dream for a lot of people and for good reason. Let’s face it: Who doesn’t like the idea of staying indoors in a nice warm house on a cold snowy winter day when everyone else is scraping ice off their windows so they can make a long slow commute during rush hour?

Problem is, there are some downsides to working at home, and I’m not talking about the obvious ones such as getting distracted or trying to constantly get away from home and work. I’m talking about something that can seriously hurt your professional career if you let it.

In business, it’s all about who you know and who you can call when you need a favor; you can’t put a price on having a good friend in your industry who will help you out in a jam. Networking is not hard if you work in a large office building with lots of people around who you talk to daily or at least occasionally. Working at home however is another story. Click Here to Read Article …

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