Awesome Links #40: Tranquil Workspace, Digital Mindfulness, Opportunities

7 Ways to Create a More Tranquil Workspace
A pleasant and elegant workspace can go a long way in making you more productive at work. I really liked this Lifehack blog post on ways to create a calm workspace. I can relate to the “add some noise” suggestion. I myself sometimes find it very hard to work amidst pin-drop silence. A decent article overall.

What Running a Marathon Taught Me About Running a Business
This post by Sullen Hughes over at the FeelGooder blog talks about his experiences as a marathon runner and a business owner, and how the former occupation taught him to excel at the latter. He relates them pretty well; some valuable nuggets for those running a business.

A Simple Guide for a Mindful Digital Life
Bridging the gap between various online identities and focusing on the essential to get meaningful work done is what this post on the Zen Habits blog discusses. It’s a detailed article that also mentions some useful tools to streamline your digital presence and be more productive.

Keep OS X’s Help Viewer from Floating Above Other Windows
If you refer to the Help Viewer in your Mac often, but get frustrated when it floats above all the important windows you’ve been working on, then this post from Lifehacker should help you out. It shows how you can make the Help Viewer window act like a normal window using certain Terminal commands.

The Worst Moments are Your Best Opportunity
Finally, we’ve got none other than Seth Godin talking about the importance of putting yourself up to the task when the conditions aren’t exactly favorable and there are obstacles galore. He’s right…as usual.

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  1. mindfulness exercises on the 8th July

    From the article above:

    “What Running a Marathon Taught Me About Running a Business”

    What’s the benefit?

    “The main aim of interval training is to improve cardiovascular fitness or Vo2 Max—the body’s capacity to transport and use oxygen during exercise—which is important for running 42.2kms (26.2miles). Without interval training, runners can end up running at the same comfortable pace and they don’t improve. They become what’s known as “one-pace plodders.””

    I ran 2 miles every day for 7 years. I began running at age 45. I was a “one-pace plodders.” I ran to get the endorphin high. In 2007, I sat in a simple straight back chair and begin breathing. I discovered meditation and to my surprise also discovered I could elicit the endorphin response while sitting quietly and breathing subtly in the chair. I practice mindfulness meditation every day. My knees are doing fine and I enjoy the journey’s into my interior very much.

  2. Non woven printing machine on the 28th July

    Great stuff… let’s rock!

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