Workspace Before + After Competition – The Winners!

It’s been a couple of weeks since the Workspace Before + After Competition closed to entries…and the winners have now been chosen! Each of them presented us with a photo of their workspace before the transformation and after, and suffice to say, the “after shots” definitely show a marked improvement over the “before” ones. Each of the winners made different types of changes — some big and some small. Our hope is that any of the changes will result in more awesome work coming from our winners.

Each of the winners will receive 200 business cards from MOO. Below is each of the winners’ photos — along with a brief description of what makes their “new-look workspace” far more awesome than their old one.

1. Kevin Wammer

“Thanks to your blogpost I finally decided to clean up my desk. Since it is in my bedroom I usually throw my sweatshirts on it. I decided to close my Macbook and to use only the larger screen. I threw away a couple of magazines and sorted my books (…and yes, those are Envato books!).”

“I still have to find a way how to make it even more minimalistic but I finally took the time to clean this mess. (By the way, it took me two cups of coffee to get through this…) I didn’t change much but I think it looks clean enough.”

2. Hilary Stoddard

Hilary went for a more playful look with her refreshed workspace.

“I made my cubicle more Domo-friendly!”

3. Juliet Fieldew

“It’s not the best view of the room in the after shot, but it was the pic with the best lighting… unfortunately that’s what happens with a room reno- you start with an ugly room and great light, and finish at the end of the day with bad light and (hopefully) a great room!”

“I’m pretty happy with mine — my new table (eBay, $53) totally fits the bill for my blog/uni/bookkeeping/daily life mess — there’s lots of space to spread out and be creative! Of course the trip out to Richmond to pick up the table also warranted a stop off at Ikea, where I had great fun picking out new desk accessories & decor! Gotta love that!”

4. Drew Podwal

Drew was one of our later entrants, but it just goes to show that even late inspiration is better than no inspiration! His makeover is minimal — only slight changes, such as tidying up and changing overall decor — but it’s often the subtle changes that lead to bigger ones.

5. Cassie Boom


Cassie offered us a whole series of photos that reveals her office transformation — which was anything but minimal. Rather than post them all here, you can view all of the “before” shots here and the “after” shots here.

Thanks to everyone who entered — and a big thanks to our friends at MOO who not only delivered the prizes for this competition, but deliver awesome business cards 24/7!

Mike Vardy an editor on Work Awesome. We could tell you where his personal productivity parody site, Eventualism and all of his other projects reside on the web, but you'd be best served going to and following the trail of virtual bread crumbs from there.


  1. Kevin Wammer on the 2nd April

    So cool to see my name on Workawesome:-)
    I just feel awesome:-D

    Again, thank you very much.

  2. koskoz on the 2nd April

    I really don’t find those before + after awesome at all.
    There is almost no change. Closing a laptop and remove his cloths is not really a change…

  3. Jeffrey B. on the 3rd April

    Hi Mike, I recently stumbled upon your blog, I wish I would have heard about the competition earlier. I have some plans to remodel my workspace and I think I would have smoked the competition. Well, maybe next time.

  4. Bojan on the 4th April

    I agree with Koskoz, none of these people invested much in changing their work environment.

  5. dan on the 10th April

    Kevin Wammer — where did you get that Desk? what kind?

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