6 Reasons to Advertise on WorkAwesome

  1. WorkAwesome attracts an audience of professionals and decision-makers working for respected companies. They’re willing to invest in themselves and their career and purchase tools and services to benefit their company or business. Plus, they are unusually charming and witty.
  2. At $1.95 per 1,000 views, the leaderboard banner at the top of the site (look, up there!) is ready and waiting to begin marketing your product or service.
  3. Because our sidebar has a spot reserved just for your product, and it’s yours for a month.
  4. We will say nice things about you to our 1,100+ Facebook fans, 10,000+ Twitter followers, and thousands of podcast listeners. Shouting from the rooftops costs extra.
  5. You’ll be joining a high-caliber group of past and present advertisers, like Moo.com and MediaTemple.
  6. Because WorkAwesome really is awesome, and needs a little more help to cover its costs.

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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to advertise on your site.
    I LOVE Work Awesome

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