New from Rockable Press: Get Going with Google AdWords

This week Rockable Press launched its latest eBook, Get Going with Google AdWords by author Chandler Nguyen and we couldn’t be more excited!

This book is designed with the beginner in mind, introducing you to the world of Google AdWords. Once you start to get a handle on them, you’ll be bidding on keywords that will help push your site higher in the Google rankings — without all of the time it usually takes for that to happen organically.

Nguyen has put together an “easy to grasp” guide on what AdWords are, what using them can do to give your site that added exposure and how to get started using them right away.

In this book you will:

  • Learn how to put together AdWords campaigns that are simple and effective
  • Gain a better understanding of your audience’s search behavior
  • Discover ways to draw more people to your website
  • Find practical examples offered throughout, and find other tools that you can use to get started with Google AdWords right away.

So if you’re new to Google AdWords and what an easy-to-understand guide of how to get started or if you just haven’t been able to wrap your head around this valuable tool before, this book is for you. You can pick up a copy of Get Going with Google AdWords by clicking on the link below — the book is available now!

Rockable Press: Get Going with Google AdWords

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  1. Chris Alta on the 25th January

    Ahh if I had the money I would totally buy that book. I’ve been interested in using Google AdWords but I heard it was literally a science. Not that I’m afraid to learn I just don’t have the finances to spend any money on that, so I’m just doing it free and organic for now. I just started my blog and I feel it’s necessary anyways, gotta put in some good old hard work and do it that way so that you know your “digital roots” and where you come from. Anyways your site is sick.

    I just started my own blog, any feedback and comments would be a confidence booster! Thanks again yo!



  2. dilbag on the 26th January

    how to get rank on top? i am confused for my web.

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