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3 Tips for Settling Into Your First Job

jobs after graduation

You’ve just started your new job at a big engineering firm, fresh out of college.

You go in with an attitude of part-anxiety and part-excitement to show off your youthful energy, even though you know that almost nothing that you learned in the last four years is going to be put to use at this job.

The last four years wasn’t a waste, though.

You’ve learned how to procrastinate like a pro, how to take an exam with a solid three hours of sleep, and of course: How many beers it takes you to start singing karaoke.

But this is the real world. You’re a little fish in a big corporate pond, and you’ll be working alongside people that have been working in your industry for longer than you’ve been alive.

Confidence can be hard to come by at the beginning, but I assure you, with these ideas in mind, you’ll have a great mindset going in. Click Here to Read Article …

10 Tips to Keep Employees Happy

happy employees

As job-hopping millennials infiltrate the workforce, employers need to be aware of the value of keeping their employees happy.

Considering the time and money investments associated with the hiring and training processes, it makes much more sense to keep current employees than take on the challenge of bringing in new ones.

So how do you keep employees happy?

The best place to start for employers is to understand why people quit their jobs and, conversely, what makes people stay. Click Here to Read Article …

Why Employee vs. Independent Contractor Classification Matters [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why Employee vs. Independent Contractor Classification Matters [INFOGRAPHIC]

Although some may overlook it, classifying someone as either an employee or a contract worker matters for both businesses owners and employees.

Businesses can face issues with the IRS for improper employee classification, and employees may be getting the short end of the employment stick if they are improperly classified in terms of both pay and benefits.

This infographic, compiled by Wunderland, a creative staffing agency, provides useful information for both business owners and job seekers about the differences between being classified as an independent contractor vs. being classified as an employee.

It also covers what you need to know about job mis-classification along with the risks of improper job classification, and how to protect yourself at work.

Here are some key points to note:

  • As an employee, much of the burden of the work falls on the employer, from training to providing you a computer and other resources to assuring your taxes are being paid from your wages.
  • A company can try to take advantage of an employee by improperly classifying them as an independent contractor.
  • Employers can work with a staffing firm to avoid mis-classification and IRS tax audits.

Check out the full infographic below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

contractor vs employee


What do you think? Is it easy to distinguish an employee from a contract worker in your line of work?

5 Ways to Write a Better Resume

As the job market and jobs themselves are evolving, it’s important to remember that resumes evolve along with them.

While the resume has always played an important role, there are also new trends to which we must pay attention.

If you want to write a resume that will help you stand out, then incorporate these tips.

The most important thing to remember in writing your resume is that this is the time of showing, not telling. Click Here to Read Article …

5 Essential Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

There are many things you should probably never ask at a job interview, like if they have a drug testing policy, do background checks or how many sick days you get.

But there are also some questions that might help you find out a little more about the job you’re applying for and others that might actually help you get the job.

So the next time you’re heading to a job interview, here are five questions you should ask: Click Here to Read Article …

Is Behavior Profiling a Part of Your Hiring Process?

Behavior profiling

What if, as hiring managers, we could investigate potential candidates in a way that was actually predictive of their subsequent performance? What if we could objectively assess how strong of a fit they are to the duties of the job? If you’re nodding you’re head, listen up – because the truth is that we can do this now.

Advances in industrial/organizational psychology, coupled with technology developments have spawned incredible tool of behavior profiling that lets us minimize the subjective influence on hiring and, consequently, delivers results that actually drive business. “How is this so?” you ask. Click Here to Read Article …

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Making Better Hires: Tools for the Trade

Making better hires

There is a seemingly endless supply of alternative routes on the path to making better hires by recruiting qualified, committed new candidates for your firm. And while having options can be a good thing, too many choices can simply be overwhelming. So what’s a hiring professional to do?

You could wait for your fairy godmother to come down and wave her magic wand, making all your hiring dreams come true.  Another option, and likely the more productive one, is to start implementing tools within your recruitment methods that make the entire process easier and more effective. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Find & Delegate Tasks to Virtual Assistants

Have you ever watched, eyes green with envy, as administrative virtual assistants skillfully smooth away the bumps in an executive’s day?

If only,” you think, “I could afford to have someone like that to answer the phone, keep my calendar, keep me organized, make travel arrangements, keep up with social media, update my website, deal with customers, keep my books… (the list goes on) Then, I could really focus on the important things that will make my business or career thrive! But, alas, I don’t have the _____ (fill in the blank: money, time, know-how, office space, etc.) to hire someone like that.”

So you go on spinning through your days, bouncing from crisis to crisis while the important things remain undone. Click Here to Read Article …

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