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6 Ways to Get More Done

Most Mondays I stare at a list of tasks that grows longer throughout the week. Whether you run your own company, work as a freelancer or are just starting out as an intern, this is a reality that doesn’t go away.

Somehow, every Friday, I’ve found that I’ve completed almost every task on my list as well as a few extras for good measure. Over the years I’ve found a few tips that are more specific than the usual “Get organized” (although that can help). Here’s how my to-do list gets checked off every week. Click Here to Read Article …

Winning at the Confidence Game

The confidence game is tough. Remember when you were first starting out in the job market. You had a great education, you were youthful and energetic and you were willing to do anything to prove yourself.

Then you started applying for jobs and they told you that you looked great, but come back when you had some experience and they would hire you. Confidence is like that. You have to believe in yourself and give yourself a chance first, before you know exactly how to do it.

The good news though is that confidence is like riding a bicycle. When you first start it looks impossible, but many bruised shins and knees later you master the technique, and once you start rolling it goes on almost by itself. You never have a problem riding a bike after that.

Once you start gaining confidence you’ll be surprised at how it easy it is to get moving and to keep it up.

So how can you master the confidence game? Here are a few tips that will get your wheels rolling. Click Here to Read Article …

How to Overcome Creative Writer’s Block

If you want to be successful in any writing career, the key is in writing every day, even when you aren’t feeling inspired. Every now and then we all feel creatively blocked, and it’s easy to believe you’re stuck waiting for that burst of inspiration to return so you can write.

More often than not, that feeling of creative block is just something you need to push past, and waiting won’t help. Time spent waiting is also time you can’t be working or improving your writing.

By teaching yourself that you can write despite feeling blocked, there’ll be nothing to hold you back. You can start to work on jumpstarting your creativity by doing a few small things. Click Here to Read Article …

5 Pitfalls of Busyness

One of the many ways we measure worth in our society is by busyness. Sharing how busy our lives are with each other boosts the feeling that we are important, in demand, and moving quickly towards success.

But does our ability to fill up hours in a day really mean that we are spending our time effectively? Probably not.

I once had a friend that was always rushing off to the next meeting or appointment, complaining in between that her schedule was jam packed and she was utterly exhausted from it all. Click Here to Read Article …

Let’s Get SaaS-y

Thomas Friedman wrote that the earth is flat. He made this claim over 7 years ago, and it is becoming more and more true every day. With the rise of companies offering their Software as a Service (SaaS), usually cloud-based applications, companies no longer need to be in the same office to do day to day business. They don’t even need to be in the same country for that matter.

The rise of these applications being sold as a service has been brought on because of the many advantages provided. The first, and most obvious one, is that you do not have to install anything to use it; most SaaS applications are cloud-based and can be accessed using any web browser.

Another clear advantage is that updates are done centrally, therefore the user does not have to update anything to use the current version of the software. This also eliminates the concern about compatibility with certain hardware and operating systems.

And finally, some SaaS applications are designed to integrate with an existing software to make it more user-friendly. These applications cover everything from accounting services, to customer relationship management (CRM), to sales and marketing.

What do some of these applications do? Here are a few examples that range the SaaS spectrum:

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The Freelance Path: Is Freelancing Right For You?

Freelancing is both a lifestyle and career oriented choice that over 1/3 of the U.S working population currently choose to undertake on a full time or part time basis.

The rise and subsequent popularity of freelancing over the past decade is by no means a coincidence, with more and more professionals of varying ages choosing to freelance because they feel they could be doing something more with their lives.

The best freelancers often have a strong entrepreneurial side because they’re tasked with so many roles beyond the scope of their specialization. For example, regardless of whether you’re a web developer, writer, graphic designer, or any other subject matter specialist, you still have to network, you still have to market yourself, and you still have to look after all the financial aspects to your business.

Because there is much to be gained in terms of overall output and productivity in these areas, freelancers who thrive on this challenge not only find ways to deliver great work to their clients, but generally grow their freelancing businesses into highly profitable and rewarding passion projects which just keep giving back.
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How to Set Your Work Week Up for Success

What’s a weekend for?

I used to think weekends were primarily for hanging out with friends and family or for relaxing on the couch, and if I accomplished these then the weekend was a success. I’d generally make time to do a few errands here and there, but they mostly played second fiddle to other activities.

Then came my stuffed pepper epiphany.

It was a Tuesday afternoon in my at-home office. I had plenty of work that I wanted to get to. I also had a fridge full of uncooked ingredients. In addition, I had the knowledge that if I didn’t make some sort of meal for myself before an evening meeting I would show up cranky and irritable due to hunger.

So I reluctantly pushed pause on my workday and spent two hours mid-afternoon making a batch of stuffed peppers in the kitchen. While my belly did get fed, my productivity suffered. I didn’t accomplish as many of my to-dos as I had hoped, in large part because of my mid-afternoon cooking break.
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4 Ways Baby Boomers are Changing Retirement

The projected tsunami of baby boomer retirements that captured our attention a few years ago may still come, but if the experience to date is any guide then this may turn out to be more of a gentle wave than a disaster for the modern workplace.

That’s because instead of retirement and daily rounds of golf, many boomers are continuing to work, albeit in a much different fashion than their previous careers.

Here are four ways that boomers are changing the face of retirement.

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