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The Freelance Path: Is Freelancing Right For You?

Freelancing is both a lifestyle and career oriented choice that over 1/3 of the U.S working population currently choose to undertake on a full time or part time basis.

The rise and subsequent popularity of freelancing over the past decade is by no means a coincidence, with more and more professionals of varying ages choosing to freelance because they feel they could be doing something more with their lives.

The best freelancers often have a strong entrepreneurial side because they’re tasked with so many roles beyond the scope of their specialization. For example, regardless of whether you’re a web developer, writer, graphic designer, or any other subject matter specialist, you still have to network, you still have to market yourself, and you still have to look after all the financial aspects to your business.

Because there is much to be gained in terms of overall output and productivity in these areas, freelancers who thrive on this challenge not only find ways to deliver great work to their clients, but generally grow their freelancing businesses into highly profitable and rewarding passion projects which just keep giving back.
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