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5 More Google Reader Tricks and Tools

When I asked if you still use an RSS reader, a huge number of you savvy folks flocked to the site to say yes, you do. And the comments show that Google Reader is the clear winner when it comes to RSS readers.

As a result, I’ve written another installment to our Google Reader tips which offers¬†5 cool links that have some great tricks and tools for this feed reader.

Better GReader For Firefox

A superb Firefox add-on for Google Reader developed by none other than Lifehacker’s founding editor, Gina Trapani.

Convert Partial Feeds Into Full-text Articles

A nice trick that utilizes a greasemonkey script to show the partial feeds as full articles in Google Reader.

Turn Google Reader into a Powerful SEO Tool

A comprehensive guide on using Google Reader to track backlinks, alerts and competitive intelligence.

Hack Attack: Getting Good With Google Reader

This is an old one but still quite useful. It explores various Google Reader tricks and tools to use it more productively.

How To Download Articles From Google Reader As PDF Documents

Yes, you could directly download important articles from Reader as PDF for reading later. The guide explains how to do it.

Feel free to add any Google Reader tricks and tools you have in your arsenal in the comments! Click Here to Read Article …

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