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5 Tips for Getting a Job After College Fast

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Getting a job after graduation is not very hard, but finding the one you really want will take some extra effort.

Of course you want a well-written resume, but there are several way ways you can ensure your success in landing a better job when you graduate.

Here are five tips, why you should try them and where you should start when you do.

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How to Be More Productive by Thinking Like a Creative Entrepreneur


When I became a freelance writer and virtual assistant, I had no idea really of what I was doing. Back then I would have never admitted that, or for that matter imagined that five years later it would be a career. To say the least, it has been an uphill battle.

Somewhere along the way I seemed to have lost what my goal was for the future, however. I started to work as a freelancer because I liked to write and I wanted to promote my other creative projects. Once I got hooked on the money, mainly because changes in my life required me to generate it, I became a hardcore freelancer. You know, one of those people addicted to the next gig.

This new mindset really affected my ability to be more productive. Sure, I got work done, but the work was generic and I wasn’t really invested in it. This was no longer my idea of a dream job. Then recently, I decided to look at it all in a bit of a different way. Now I am no longer a freelancer, I am a creative entrepreneur.
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The Fast Track to Success for Writers


There are many aspects to being a writer, depending on what exactly you are doing. A common thread of events that happens with many writers looks like this: come up with an idea, write a book about it, get speaking engagements from the book, create another product based on the book.

Even though this is the common perception of the order of things, and the way many people go about it, it’s really the long way around the track to becoming a successful (and profitable) writer. Let’s look at this from a different perspective and you’ll see how you can start earning an income on your idea before you ever write about it. Click Here to Read Article …