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Dealing With Anger at Work

dealing with anger

Dealing with anger is often difficult. It might even sound like a good idea to let off a little of that steam, like pricking a balloon and feeling that white-hot energy dissipate.

The problem with anger, particularly at work, is that once we start releasing that flow, it’s kind of like lava from a volcano. We don’t know exactly when it will stop or what damage it might cause on the way down.

So how do you handle it? Here are a few strategies that might help with dealing with anger in the workplace. Click Here to Read Article …

5 Ways to Break Through Boring Work


No matter where you work, and no matter how hard you work, at some point everybody hits a wall where work is the most boring thing in the world.

This condition has been widely diagnosed as ‘the blahs’, and it is a widespread and worldwide phenomenon. Luckily for you, we have a prescription for this ailment.

When your work life gets boring, here are five ways to break through ‘the blahs’. Click Here to Read Article …

Bad Bosses: 4 Steps to Dealing With Them


We’ve all had bad bosses or supervisors who drove us absolutely crazy until we found a way to deal with them.

Or, they left the situation/job/career/company. Or we did. That’s a last resort, but you may get there unless the situation improves.

The first step in dealing with bad bosses is to make a personal determination. How bad is this? Can I live with it? Is it likely to change in the short term?

If your evaluation shows that the situation is having a strong or severe negative impact on you, you need to do something. If you simply can’t put up with the boss’s behaviour and you don’t think it will change anytime soon, you need to act.

You may have learned this lesson already, but in case you haven’t, a bad situation never gets better on its own – especially at work. It only gets worse.

So if you’ve had it with your collective bad bosses, here are four ways you can deal with them.

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5 Steps to Dealing with Bullies at Work


Bullies have always been among us. The sad truth is that most of us have experienced a boss, supervisor, or co-worker who has treated us with disdain, contempt, or worse.

Some of us have been verbally attacked and even threatened with physical violence in our workplaces. Even sadder, perhaps, is the fact that few of us had the willingness to complain or report these activities, and simply remained silent in the face of attacks because we were afraid or just wanted to keep our job.

So, the bullies kept up their behavior until we quit or asked for another assignment. We don’t have to do that anymore, and many employers are adopting safe workplace codes that feature bully-free zones at work.

But we still need to speak out and take action individually when we are faced with bullying in the workplace. For when you need to deal with a situation like this, here is a five step plan that anyone can use to deal with bullies at work.
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How to Avoid Office Conflict


Have you ever had to manage conflict at a job? When I was eighteen and fresh out of high school, I was offered my first job in which interacting with coworkers was a requirement.

I didn’t have much of anything to compare the experience to, but I sensed early on that there was some serious conflict brewing between the ladies I worked with. There was constant talking behind each other’s backs and harsh criticism was commonplace. Those who weren’t passive aggressive were just downright nasty.

But being the youngest in the bunch, I didn’t think it was my place to speak up and I feared that certain individuals would turn on me if I simply excused myself from the conflict. Click Here to Read Article …

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6 Benefits of Humor at Work


Some people think that fun and a sense of humor have no place at work, that work is very serious business.

Our advice to them? Lighten Up.

There’s a reason that Google has a giant waterslide on its main campus, and that tons of companies have ping pong tables, video games, or free popcorn to eat while watching movies on the giant screen at work.

It’s because the management at these well-respected firms have figured out that employees who work hard like to play hard too.

Besides being fun, humor is actually good for you at work. Here are six reasons why. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Deal with Criticism


Recently I received an email from a coworker, clearly angry in tone, berating my performance on a project I completed. My first reaction was irritation, then defensiveness, then I resorted to blaming everyone that did or didn’t have a hand in the project.

As a perfectionist, I have a tough time taking criticism from anyone – no matter how loving the source. Why allow others to put their two cents in when I’m already dealing with an overly-critical inner self?

But once the defensiveness subsided and I had handled the situation to the best of my ability, I was able to recognize something extremely important – if I were to remove the emotion from the situation and simply see it as neutral bits of information he was trying to convey, I could actually agree with several of the things he was saying.

In trying to protect my ego, I had stopped listening and shut down – a reaction that wasn’t helping him or me.

Here are a few tips I’ve discovered from dealing with criticism in the workplace. Click Here to Read Article …

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4 Ways to Be Liked at Work


Getting ahead in the workplace isn’t just about being good at your job. It’s also about being liked by those you work with. Popularity shouldn’t be a goal in and of itself, but being well-liked by coworkers and managers has a lot of perks.

I’m sure you know at least one person who is doing considerably better than you career-wise even though he or she has weaker professional skills than you, by knowing how to make themselves liked by others.

He isn’t the best at his job, but because he gets along well with others, he learns about the latest career opportunities, gets invited to participate in all the cool projects, and gets that promotion nearly everybody craves.

The fact of the matter is that doing your job is not just labor; it’s also a social experience. We all want to work with people we like, so likable people have a net advantage over others. With this in mind, I want to share with you, based on my coaching experience, 4 highly effective ways to increase your popularity at the office. Click Here to Read Article …

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Introverts are Good for Business


We tend to think more highly of extroverts than introverts because they have the courage to be ‘out there’.

People like Donald Trump come to mind as a prime example of a super-motivated and self-confident extrovert. And despite the fact that he has lost many more fortunes than he has accumulated, we think of him as being highly successful as well.

That may be true, but new research and a few recent books have shed some new light on the strengths and the value of introverts in both society and the workplace.
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How to Maximize Workplace Safety


Accidents will happen, at least that what Elvis Costello sang. It’s true, though: no matter how careful you are or how well you prepare, there will always be some percentage of slips, falls, and other different types of accidents at work that reduce workplace safety.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t minimize these accidents by taking some precautions, however. Not only can you, but you absolutely should. Want some numbers to reinforce that? Check these out, from the website of the American Society of Safety Engineers.

  • The total direct payments to workers for the worst injuries and illnesses in 2006 was $48.6 billion
  • Lost productivity from these accidents and illnesses costs companies $60 billion each year

I’ll stop there. That’s billions with a “B”, boys and girls, and you don’t want your company to have any sizable slice of those payments or losses. So what can you do? Some fairly simple things, actually.
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7 Secrets to Dealing with Difficult Customers


Regardless of the industry we work in, most of us, at one point or another, have had experiences dealing with difficult customers or clients.

For me this means fielding countless emails and phone calls from customers with unreasonable requests and constantly handling complaints for things that are entirely out of my control.

Pair the frustration of these things with a client or customer who is rude or overly demanding, and that can be a recipe for disaster – but only if I let it reach that point.

Instead, I’ve learned to follow a few simple rules in order to keep my sanity intact and keep those I’m dealing with feeling heard and satisfied with the results. The following are 7 tips on how to deal with difficult customers. Click Here to Read Article …

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3 Rules to Dressing Awesome at Work & Impressing Everyone

3 Rules to Dressing Awesome at Work

Fresh out of college, at my first job, I showed up at my office in a pink sweatsuit. It was a marketing firm, where the casual dress code was pretty liberal, but this was a downright horrible choice.

After receiving some feedback on my outfit, I never pulled that sweatsuit out again, and fully realized the power of personal image.

You may never make the same “dressing for success” mistakes that I made, but ever wonder why some people look so poised and powerful in their work attire? Strolling through the office, their appearance is impeccable and people respect them. Click Here to Read Article …

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