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Review: SaneBox – Stop Drowning in Email!

Your email inbox is one of the most necessary yet frustrating parts of your work life. It’s okay to admit it, you’re not alone in this boat.

Regardless of whether you are an employee, a business owner, or a solopreneur, email remains the primary method of interaction in modern business. Add to that your personal emails, forums, newsletters, and the occasional spam mail that makes it through your Gmail filters, and managing your inbox becomes a time-sucking endeavor.

Numerous books, methods, and software programs have been dedicated to solving this problem, and none are perfect, but SaneBox may be the closest thing to the perfect solution that there is. Click Here to Read Article …

Review: VisioTask – Task Management Made Colorful

Task management and increased productivity: if it were simple there wouldn’t be a gazillion books, apps, and seminars addressing the issue. Often the pursuit of better task management can seem like chasing a unicorn. Through a dense forest. At night. Blindfolded. You get the idea.

We live in a busy world, and although our digital existence continually promises to optimize our time, there are so many things we use to help ourselves that the tools of freedom sometimes become the shackles that enslave us. Yet there are indeed ways to actually increase your productivity. Case in point, the review you are reading right now. This review is not the solution, the application I’m reviewing is, and it’s called VisioTask.
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Review: actiTIME – Web-based Time Tracker Software

Managing your hourly time with a time tracker as a freelancer is one of the most important things you can do. With the freedom of setting your own hours comes the responsibility of keeping up with things without oversight.

If you manage a team of employees or contractors, this task becomes even more of a challenge. When it comes to billing your clients however, they aren’t concerned about your problems, they just want an accurate invoice. As a freelancer you are probably on the move a bit. If you manage other contractors remotely, this issue becomes accentuated. Without having a punch-clock on the wall that employees can physically walk past and clock in and out with, how can you keep track of everyone’s time?
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Review: Resume Baker – Make Your Resume Stand Out!

The latest unemployment numbers in the US show that our job situation isn’t getting anywhere fast. For the job seeker, that means that the competition you are up against will continue to be stacked high for the foreseeable future.

With the countless resumes that employers are sifting through whenever they have an open position, it is more important now than it ever has been to do what you can to make an impression quickly.

What’s on your resume is important, and so is what’s not on it. When time is of the essence to the employer, it might take something eye-catching to get them to even read yours. This is the advantage that Resume Baker can give you. Click Here to Read Article …

How to be More Productive in Outlook with TaskCracker

Tasks are meant to be a helpful piece of the productivity puzzle, but managing them sometimes becomes an unproductive task in and of itself. This problem becomes particularly acute when many or most of your tasks are essentially emails in your inbox that you can’t get to right away. Different email platforms have different systems for making these emails-turned-tasks somewhat manageable, but not many of them are optimal. If you use Outlook as your email client, software solutions such as TaskCracker offers a compelling solution to this problem. Is your Outlook inbox filled with emails that you can’t delete just yet? Often those emails have important tasks, approvals and decisions that you are going to need in the future. As a result, your inbox is constantly full and cluttered, which is counter-intuitive to productivity. Click Here to Read Article …

Review: Comindware — A Nifty Project Management Software

Everyone wishes, they could have more time to get things done at work. When you work for a company that has multiple projects at once, managing these processes can be a daunting task.  Project management has become instrumental just for this purpose, businesses today want to get more done and spend less time having to organize it.

Comindware looks to help businesses become more efficient by streamlining the entire process.  From general management to the tracking on known issues, Comindware seeks to make project management easier, more efficient and generally less of a headache. Click Here to Read Article …

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Review: Timetastic — The Easier Way to Manage Staff Leaves

Every place I’ve worked, from my first job cleaning hotel rooms to my last marketing gig at a software company, the time off request procedure went something like this: Fill out a request form, hand it to your supervisor, spend three weeks waiting to hear if it’s approved, follow up with your boss and get the approval.

Once you’ve got the approval though, it wasn’t over. You had to remind folks you were going to be out, sometimes repeatedly, and whoops! The boss scheduled too much holiday, so would you mind taking a little work with you? OK to be fair, that wasn’t the case when I cleaned rooms, but it happened enough everywhere else.
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Review: KeyedIn Projects — Deliver Successful Projects with Ease

KeyedIn Projects

Whether you blog for a living or run a business, none of us can afford to focus on just one thing at a time, especially not when it comes to project management. From meeting customer expectations to deploying a flawless project, there is so much to keep track of that you’ll need the right program to make it all work. So, if you’re looking for a way to manage your important project tasks, consider KeyedIn Projects.

Gallup Business Journal reports: “A study published in the Harvard Business Review, which analyzed 1,471 IT projects, found that the average overrun was 27%, but one in six projects had a cost overrun of 200% on average and a schedule overrun of almost 70%.” No one can stand to lose time or money like that, and without organization it’s bound to happen to all of us. Click Here to Read Article …

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