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Dealing With Anger at Work

dealing with anger

Dealing with anger is often difficult. It might even sound like a good idea to let off a little of that steam, like pricking a balloon and feeling that white-hot energy dissipate.

The problem with anger, particularly at work, is that once we start releasing that flow, it’s kind of like lava from a volcano. We don’t know exactly when it will stop or what damage it might cause on the way down.

So how do you handle it? Here are a few strategies that might help with dealing with anger in the workplace. Click Here to Read Article …

The Power of Positivity


These days, it seems stress is a normal part of life. Our daily lives can be crazy, and sometimes things pile on and you can’t help but feel downtrodden, but there is a way to handle it.

Our mood and perception of events plays a huge part in our day to day lives. It affects how we see ourselves, how we treat others, the amount of work we do, the quality of that work, and our positivity.

When you’re in a bad mood, for whatever reason, you’re more likely to get frustrated, feel bad about yourself, and be less productive as a result. Even worse, the feeling is cyclical, and as you get less done you feel worse and prolong that feeling.

Our mood can often feel like something we have no control over, and it’s true that we don’t really have control over what other people might do to upset us. But, we have an exceptional amount of control over the way we frame our thoughts and deal with things that upset us.

Learning to practice positivity throughout your day will encourage better work habits and a good mood. When you have a good mood, people will appreciate talking to you and working with you more, too. Take these few simple steps to improving your daily life. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Make Your Mark at Your New Job

make your mark

Starting a new job can present a range of emotions: excitement, nervousness, appreciation, etc. One pretty consistent feeling is the desire to get off to a good start.

Whether you are beginning your first job out of college, moving around within the industry, or starting on a new career path, here are a few ways to make your mark in your new position. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Avoid Office Conflict


Have you ever had to manage conflict at a job? When I was eighteen and fresh out of high school, I was offered my first job in which interacting with coworkers was a requirement.

I didn’t have much of anything to compare the experience to, but I sensed early on that there was some serious conflict brewing between the ladies I worked with. There was constant talking behind each other’s backs and harsh criticism was commonplace. Those who weren’t passive aggressive were just downright nasty.

But being the youngest in the bunch, I didn’t think it was my place to speak up and I feared that certain individuals would turn on me if I simply excused myself from the conflict. Click Here to Read Article …

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5 Tips for Successful Salary Negotiations

Salary Negotiations

A few years ago, a friend was asked by a potential employer, “What would you need to get paid in order to not resent the fact that you have to do the work?”

Talk about being straightforward.

For me, salary negotiations have always been a bit of a stumbling block, an awkward dance between speaking my mind while also appeasing an employer or potential employer. There seems to always be a magic number, but neither party is anxious to disclose what their magic number is right off the bat. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Deal with Criticism


Recently I received an email from a coworker, clearly angry in tone, berating my performance on a project I completed. My first reaction was irritation, then defensiveness, then I resorted to blaming everyone that did or didn’t have a hand in the project.

As a perfectionist, I have a tough time taking criticism from anyone – no matter how loving the source. Why allow others to put their two cents in when I’m already dealing with an overly-critical inner self?

But once the defensiveness subsided and I had handled the situation to the best of my ability, I was able to recognize something extremely important – if I were to remove the emotion from the situation and simply see it as neutral bits of information he was trying to convey, I could actually agree with several of the things he was saying.

In trying to protect my ego, I had stopped listening and shut down – a reaction that wasn’t helping him or me.

Here are a few tips I’ve discovered from dealing with criticism in the workplace. Click Here to Read Article …

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7 Ways to Finish Difficult Writing Projects


Whether you’re working on creative writing for yourself or freelance writing for business, you’ve undoubtedly come across a project that has gotten you stuck.

You’ve either rewritten it more times than you can count, or you just can’t seem to get started.

These mental blocks have a way of piling up and becoming even more frustrating.

There are a few tricks you might try to help your brain move past these obstacles, though, so you can finish the writing you need to do. Click Here to Read Article …

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Layoffs – How to Navigate the Threat of One


It’s easy to say that within the past few years, the majority of the population has been affected by mass layoffs in one way or another. Whether you’ve been asked to pack your bags or you’ve seen how losing a job has adversely affected a friend or family member, it’s a tough situation to handle.

A few weeks ago I was in the midst of the layoff pandemonium as I watched coworkers clean off their desks and begin a frantic search for employment elsewhere. While I wasn’t the one laid off, I immediately went into panic mode, revamping my resume and crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t be blindsided sometime in the near future.

Then, after calming down a bit, I found myself hysterical again when another coworker filled me in on gossip she had heard around the office about more cutbacks. For me, and for most people dealing with this situation, it’s an adrenaline-filled roller coaster of emotion.

Click Here to Read Article …

6 New Trends in Employee Benefits


I work for an amazing company that offers employee benefits I never expected to encounter in a job.

And, no, I don’t work in one of those offices with a pinball machine and a beer fridge. I work for a company that has thought long and hard about providing employees with benefits that align to its goals and values.

When I started at my job, I was immediately floored by the revelation that I got a “fitness break” (an allotted time each day to exercise—on the clock). As a working mom, my fitness regime to that point basically consisted of chasing a toddler around the house or racing to put out the garbage cans before the truck rolled up. So, when this opportunity appeared, I couldn’t believe that someone was actually paying me to take care of myself.

It seemed too good to be true, but it was real. And each day that I hopped on the treadmill or picked up the weights, I was extremely appreciative. Click Here to Read Article …

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6 Steps to a Career Change


There comes a point in many people’s careers where they find themselves unchallenged, unappreciated, or just plain unhappy. Many people will trod through these discouraging emotions and remain in their career due to fear of the unknown, apprehension about starting over, or simple economic necessity. Some audacious idealists, however, will not accept the feelings of living a life less than that of their dreams, and will begin the trek down the meandering road to changing careers.

Imagining a career change may seem like a daunting task, with the threat of the unknown causing even the bravest of individuals to cower. However, with the assistance of this helpful guide, anyone with an idea, two working legs, and an Internet connection can make their way through the uncharted territory and hopefully find their own El Dorado. Click Here to Read Article …

How to Approach a Job Search After a Lay-off

Job Search After a Lay-off

It’s usually really easy to spot: the nervous jitters as he talks about his most recent position, the disdain he is clearly trying to hide about his supervisor or colleagues, the glossing over of the actual job conclusion.

By the time I ask, “so what prompted you to leave” or “what brings you in today,” I can almost recite the words that always include “laid-off”, “let go”, “downsizing”,  “bad manager”, etc.

As a career coach, I encounter a myriad of clients who have a gap in their employment history.  Typically these clients address this issue with me in one of two ways.

They either shy away from the topic (think example above) to avoid mentioning it until half way through the appointment  – after the resume review — or they bring it up immediately and we spend the better part of an hour talking about this event that has defined them for the past several months of their job search. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Get Headhunted Online: 5 Ways

headhunted online

Perhaps you are looking towards a future career move but are unsure how to start the process, because chances are that your future career opportunities lie in the hands of ‘headhunters‘ aka executive search specialists.

There are in fact many similarities between marketing yourself and that of a company, yet even marketing professionals do not do as they will advise all clients.

Instead of falling into the masses, how do you stand-out and differentiate yourself from ‘normal‘. Even though the initial contact and availability is out of your hands, what can you do to increase your chances of someone recruiting you online? Click Here to Read Article …

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