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Eliminating “Be Your Own Boss” Chaos: 6 Organizational Tips for the Self-Employed

Being your own boss can be a nightmare for all the same reasons that it can be a blessing.  When you take the plunge and become self-employed, you also become responsible for all of the administrative and management tasks your boss was doing for you before. 

It can be both stressful and liberating to know that your success rests on you. Here are six organizational tips for the self-employed to help you cut down on “be your own boss” chaos. 

Eliminate clutter

Going self-employed for the first time, you might be blown away by how much paper you rack up. Finding one specific invoice in a sea of clutter on your desk is a quick way to make your new entrepreneurial venture into a major headache. 

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Organize Your Office and Keep it Relevant

Offices and workplaces can get cluttered and messy, so what can you do to organize them? We’ll go over some tips in this article to help you keep your office organized. Have you ever noticed that some items in offices never seem to go away? Well, there’s a reason they don’t. We’ll explain what items have stayed relevant in offices for years.

Office Materials Never Seem To Go Away

We are still using the same things that we did in the 90s. However, the reason they’re still relevant is that people have changed them to suit the newer generation. People will continue to use these timeless items.  Click Here to Read Article …

Keep the Flu Away This Fall Season


With the arrival of fall and winter, unfortunately we also see the arrival of the major flu season of the year.  As the air gets colder and dryer, the flu virus can remain a more stable form of the virus as well as stay in the air longer, making winter prime season for the flu to spread.

In fact, influenza is actually an Italian phrase, influenza difreddo, meaning “influence of the cold.”  So, while we may be in the midst of welcoming the cooler evenings and chances to cuddle up in our warm wooly sweaters and sit by the fireplace, it’s also now the time to gear up for a fight against getting sick and decreasing our productivity this year.  Click Here to Read Article …

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6 Quick Ways to Increase Productivity Now

how to improve productivity

Wouldn’t it be great to maximize your performance and increase your personal productivity at work?

You already work hard, and you work long hours, but there are things you can do to make the time you put in more productive than it already is.

Here are six suggestions on how to increase productivity. Click Here to Read Article …

6 Steps to Creating Business Systems

How many times have you heard, “You need to create systems for your business”?

But what does it actually mean?

Where do you start?

Where should you have systems?

How do you create them?

A system is basically a set of procedures, and a procedure is just a checklist or a step-by-step way of doing things. Click Here to Read Article …

8 Easy Ways to Be Productive

Everyone is so busy these days.

There is just so much to do, and it seems like 24 hours in a day is just not enough.

Every Monday, opening my Evernote, I promise myself to have a hyper-productive week.

I’ll finally cross off all those long-lasting tasks and have a brand new list of brand new tasks.

And then they come — emails, meetings, casual “do me a favors.”

Sounds familiar, right? By mid-week, when I become a bit tired, the greatest enemy comes: procrastination. After so many interruptions, only high importance and urgent tasks get to be crossed of the list, and next Monday the vicious circle continues. Click Here to Read Article …

4 Apps to Manage Your Time

Do you have a lot to do but find yourself unable to get as much done as you wanted?

If so, you might need some help with time management.

Time management skills aren’t something everyone has.

Some of us don’t do well with a schedule and often lose track of time.

With a little practice and some useful tools, you can learn to manage your time more effectively. By doing so, your life will become a lot easier and, overall, more enjoyable. Click Here to Read Article …

4 Keys to Lasting Productivity

You can do more every day without killing yourself.

Yes, I’ve said it.

You can be a person who accomplishes more each day without having to burn out.

Because if you overwork, you’re bound to exhaust your mind and body — meaning that you’re going to have to take a long break to get back up.

Your productivity momentum will be broken. And more work will pile up after that.

You wouldn’t want that. Nobody does.

As the saying goes, better safe than sorry. So, we’re going to get down to the simplest, most fool-proof steps to get more done every day — for a sustained period of time. This could mean weeks, months or even decades of increased productivity. Click Here to Read Article …