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The Guru

We’ve discussed corporate speak and touched on buzzwords in the past here at WorkAwesome, but haven’t been able to provide you with a full demonstration of them being put to practice.

That is, until now.

This guy seems to have them all down…

(Video courtesy of TVO’s Search Engine with Jesse Brown.)
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Listen, Social Media Expert! Tweeting is Easy, Marketing is Hard

Facebook, Twitter and similar services can make connecting with your customers a breeze. It can quickly foster relationships with new clients and create a community around your products or services. But, having a true mastery of these platforms goes well beyond the simple ability to use them. It’s not that difficult to get a basic social media campaign running, but it is hard to build one that is actually generating revenue or visibility for your business. So, think carefully before putting a phrase like “social media guru” on your resume, or taking on a new social media initiative at work. If you don’t have true marketing skills, a commitment of real resources from your company and a solid chunk of daily time to dedicate, it could land you in a serious bind. Click Here to Read Article …

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