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How to Set Your Work Week Up for Success

What’s a weekend for?

I used to think weekends were primarily for hanging out with friends and family or for relaxing on the couch, and if I accomplished these then the weekend was a success. I’d generally make time to do a few errands here and there, but they mostly played second fiddle to other activities.

Then came my stuffed pepper epiphany.

It was a Tuesday afternoon in my at-home office. I had plenty of work that I wanted to get to. I also had a fridge full of uncooked ingredients. In addition, I had the knowledge that if I didn’t make some sort of meal for myself before an evening meeting I would show up cranky and irritable due to hunger.

So I reluctantly pushed pause on my workday and spent two hours mid-afternoon making a batch of stuffed peppers in the kitchen. While my belly did get fed, my productivity suffered. I didn’t accomplish as many of my to-dos as I had hoped, in large part because of my mid-afternoon cooking break.
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